Breyer Horse Activities: Reading With Breyer

Stories of horses have been around as long as man, and many of these stories have survived and have helped to form the close bond that man has with horses today. It’s no surprise that special stories have found their way into Golden Oak Stables, and have started to become beloved by a generation of Breyer collectors!

Many collectors will remember characters like Misty, Stormy, The Black Stallion and Black Beauty, and their stories that have become literary classics. These horses have also become classics themselves, as Breyers. Many storybook favorites have found their way to the Breyer lineup in the 65 years that Breyer has been around. Now, new favorites like Primmore’s Pride and Canterwood Crest have started a whole new generation of classics for horse lovers.

Breyer also has a few titles that are exclusively theirs. These books are becoming classics in their own right, and have a following all their own. The Wind Dancers are a unique and fanciful line of horses with fun stories and beautiful winged models to complement the stories in a beautiful way. With an entire Breyer line all of their own, these colorful and gorgeous horses are well onto their way of becoming a classic themselves one day!

What is your favorite horse story? Do you have a model that goes along with it? You can find a new favorite with the horses at Golden Oak Stables!


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