Breyer Horse Activities: Fantasy Horse Painting Kit

February 20, 2017

An exciting part of the Breyer hobby is the ability to get creative and do activities with your models. Since the very beginnings of the collecting hobby, hobbyists have been customizing their models and letting their imaginations run wild!

Customizing is the terms for when a horse has been changed from the way it came from the factory. This can be done in many different ways, the most common is through painting a horse, but can be as elaborate as resculpting major parts of the horse. Customizing is very popular in the model horse hobby and nearly every collector has given repainting and resculpting a try at least once!

Golden Oak Stables has the perfect set for the new or experienced customizer, and it’s certain to spark the most fanciful of your creativity. The Fantasy Horse Painting Kit is a set of five horses that is ready and waiting for your creative touch. Four adults and one spunky foal await your fanciful plan along with six paints, a paint brush and accessories. It’s all you need to get started, or continue on your customizing journey.

With bright colors, firey horses and everything you need to complete all five horses in one kit, the Fantasy Horse Painting Kit is sure to be a hit for any collector. What do your horse fantasies look like?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Getting Creative in 2013!

January 17, 2013

Some of the most fun of collecting model horses is getting to be creative with them. From playing to customizing, creativity and model horses go hand in hand. New for 2013, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you four fun new sets that will set your creativity ablaze with model horse fun!

There are many types of ways to be artistic, everything from drawing to painting to sculpting and the list doesn’t stop there! A new exciting item for 2013 that will bring a new twist to your creativity is a Chalkboard Horse! Sure to get all of your creative juices flowing this lovely little Morgan stallion has been painted in a chalkboard style paint! This means your creativity can go wild as you draw, doodle and make notes on him! He’s also perfect for parties, games and more! He comes with a set of chalk, eraser and will wipe clean for years of fun!

If you’d like something a bit more traditional route there are painting possibilities for the artist in all of us. With two different designs, you’ll have trouble choosing which canvas painting kit to start with. The first features a Mare and Foal in a cute barn scene wrapped up in their blankets. The second features a Morgan with a rider atop her going trail riding. Both sets come with everything you need to paint these beautiful pictures including a pre-printed canvas, six paints, palette and a brush! Last but certainly not least is a perfect on the go project, a Watercolor Painting Book. With twenty pages and paint ready on each page for you, you can have a blast painting your next masterpiece.

One of the most wonderful thing about Breyers is the creativity they inspire. Many great artist have begun as a young Breyer collector, will you be next?



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Breyer Horse Events: Learn How To Customize and Make Props!

June 9, 2011

Join Golden Oak Stables on June 25th 2011 and learn how to add your creativity to you hobby! Two talented and wonderful instructors will help students to learn how to take their raw talent and create something wonderful.

Linda Carrier will teach the morning session where attendees will learn to make two popular props to use while playing, showing or displaying. Bending poles and ground poles will be created in this morning session which can be used to show in either English or Western performance classes. Bending poles are great for speed games or gymkhana entries and ground poles make a great prop for both English and Western trail classes. Linda will show you how to create a realistic and ready to show prop with her expert knowledge. A long time model horse hobbyist, successful live shower and judge, Linda is a wealth of knowledge for any that have the privilege of learning from her.

At 11:30 lunch will be served which is included in your entry and will provide an hour for chatting with other attendees, shopping Golden Oak Stables’ great inventory and getting ready for the afternoon class, customizing.

Robert Butler, an expert in diorama and miniature painting will teach attendees the basics and beyond of model horse customizing. Attendees will bring a model of their choosing to paint and create their very own dream horse. The colors of the rainbow are wide in the model horse world and Robert will take attendees through each and every step, from color mixing to details such as eyes and veining.

Golden Oak Stables also has their doors open on June 25th for visitors to take part in a Breyer Fun day. Games, Stablemate Painting and shopping abound are all on the schedule for this day that is packed with events for any Breyer collector.

No matter what you do with your models, if you’re a collector and in the New England area this is the event of the summer! Don’t miss your chance to learn from the experts a few new skills which you can bring to your collection. Learning from only the best, Golden Oak Stables brings you an event that is unmissable!


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Breyer Horse Events: Hands On Workshop Day August 21st 2010!

August 5, 2010

An event like no other is rolling into New England in just a few weeks:  Golden Oak Stables Workshop Day! A day where you can learn yourself how to create fantastic projects and learn things from a performance expert!

The day begins with a base making workshop where you will learn how to create a fancy base for your model. The bases we will create will be either covered in grass or sand to create a beautiful natural scene. These bases can be used in many ways; they are perfect for displaying that favorite horse of yours. It can also be used to accentuate that favorite custom of yours on the show table and really make your hard work stand out. Lastly, it can be used for a creative performance setup of your choice! With what you learn from this workshop you can create dozens of different bases of your choosing. We’ll then take a short break for lunch so that we can all refuel for an afternoon full of learning!

We’ll start up the afternoon with our resident performance judge Linda Carrier. Linda will guide you through “Performance Tips and Tricks”. If you have ever attended one of our shows you will know what a breadth of knowledge Linda has and how happy she is to share, and this is your opportunity to get all of her tips and tricks that she’s learned showing performance with some of the best in the nation! You can even bring your own entry to be critiqued and learn what you can do to improve your entry! This would be an excellent way to get ready for the October Open Show!

Finally we will finish up with an English saddle making workshop where you will make a small traditional or classic scale English saddle that you can take home! You will complete from start to begining a full leather English saddle that you will be able to go on and show with! Participants are encouraged to bring their own model so that we can fit it to the model so that you are ready to show with little to no adjustments needed!

A one of a kind workshop day doesn’t come into the area everyday so here’s your chance! For more information please visit Golden Oak Stables Event Calendar or email me for more information! Hope to see you there!


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