Real Life Breyer Horses: The Next Generation Of Horse Racing

Two years ago, the seemingly impossible happened, a horse won the Triple Crown for the first time in nearly forty years. American Pharoah wowed the world and amazed even the most devoted horse racing fans with his incredible win of the Triple Crown and then again to win the first Grand Slam of horse racing!

The next step for this champion was retirement, or at least a type of retirement saved for the most promising of horses, breeding. American Pharoah retired after the 2015 Breeders Cup Classic to Coolmore Stud in Kentucky. At Coolmore he has greeted thousands of visitors and, more importantly, has met with around 80 mares.

Now, eleven months later, the mares are starting to have the first American Pharoah foals! They’ve been arriving for weeks now, and the nation is sitting by as these foals grow in hopes that they will show the same potential their father proved to the world. It will be a little while before we know for sure, most horses don’t start training until they are two, and racing when they are three, so we will have to wait. But until then, we can watch these adorable little foals grow up, and await many more to follow.

Are you an American Pharoah fan? Golden Oak Stables surely is, and can’t wait to watch the next generation grow right along with you!


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