Real Life Breyer Horses: Presidential Connection

This President’s Day we celebrate the country and our leaders that have helped our country through times both difficult and good. You might be surprised though, that many of our earliest presidents and founding fathers had equine companions close to their side! Golden Oak Stables brings you a few horses that can help you both learn about and remember the equestrian past of our country.

The earliest presidents of the United States of America were known for many things, including their well known equestrian counterparts. Many other presidents also had horses that followed them into battle and some even followed them into the White House! Horses have long been a part of the founding of our country and the connection to our presidents is not far from that. While horses today are mostly ridden for companionship and sport, horses were an integral part of the world just 100 years ago. Used for transportation and farming, our country would have been a much different place without them. That goes for the government and presidents too! Without faithful horses to lead them into battle, our country would have never been founded. In many ways, we have our horses to thank for the United States of America!

Over the years, Breyer has created many beloved historical horses of presidents and war heroes, and there’s even a few right now to bring some history to your collection! You can start with Abraham Lincoln’s mount Old Bob, who is beloved by so many. This presidential mount was almost as well known as his owner during Lincoln’s time in office! You can also bring home Sgt Reckless, while not exactly a presidential mount, Sgt Reckless helped soldiers during the Korean War and brings her American Spirit to you!

Breyer has always found a way to bring a myriad of different horse worlds together, today, celebrate President’s Day by remembering the equestrian connection that so many presidents shared!

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