Breyer Horse New Releases: Abigail English Rider

One of the most exciting parts of horse ownership is getting out to give your horses a ride. With Breyer horses, the same sense of excitement can come from tacking up by our horses for a ride out on the trail or a day in the show ring. Golden Oak Stables has long carried all of the accessories you could imagine for your horses. Now you can tack up your classics for a fun day wherever your imagination will take you!

English riding has been a long been a discipline that has spanned the gamut of activities. English riders practice any number of activities, from classical dressage to trail riding. The English discipline is often known for it’s show jumpers, dressage and eventers that compete in world class competitions all over the world. English riders also compete in hunter jumper competitions as well as trail riding. Many riders use an English saddle to learn from a very young age the fundamentals of riding because of it’s long and classic history in the equestrian world.

New for 2014 comes a lovely little rider, tack in hand, that’s ready to saddle up your Classics and mount up. Abigail English Rider is a beautiful brunette doll who is dressed in a lovely schooling outfit. It starts out with a bright pink collared polo shirt with short sleeves for a comfortable ride on a warm day. Her black breeches have pink pinstriping and she comes with her own helmet and boots. Her tack is a black English set that is classic and can take her onto the trail or into the show ring. She finishes off her matching look with a pink saddle pad in the same shade of bright pink.

Ready to tack up? Your Classics horses will be jumping at the bit to get under the saddle with this new lovely set!


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One Response to Breyer Horse New Releases: Abigail English Rider

  1. grace830also says:

    I love Breyers! I don’t usually buy riders, but I think I will try! Abigail sounds fantastic! I am so glad that I found an amazing breyer blog! I currently have 63 breyers, and one real horse:).

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