Breyer Horse New Releases: Mu Wen Ma Year Of The Horse

The new year is upon us and the Chinese Lunar calendar celebrates this year as the Year Of The Wood Horse!This year on the lunar calendar symbolizes a year in which strong and stable people will be born. Breyer has brought together the celebration of the Chinese New Year together with something collectors haven’t seen in decades, a new traditional woodgrain that Golden Oak Stables brings right to you!

Mu Wen Ma is a new addition to the Breyer collection for 2014 that has already gotten so many collectors excited. Created on the standing American Saddlebred, this lovely horse stands proud and strong with a look of great strength and stability, characteristics of the year of the wooden horse. The American Saddlebred mold has been a collector favorite for it’s proud and strong stance with a beauty all his own.

What makes Mu Wen Ma truly special is the woodgrain finish that Breyer has brought out of the archives. Not since the 1970’s has a woodgrain horse graced the Breyer traditional lineup. This finish was popular in the late 50’s and into the early 70’s as decorating pieces and collectors pieces. The finish has long been a collector favorite and some models can be very desirable. Now everyone has a chance to own a woodgrain!

Mu Wen Ma has all of the trademarks of a classic Breyer woodgrain, including the deep pattern of graining that gives him the look of being carved out of wood. He also has airbrushed white markings, and black painted hooves that can be seen on many of the vintage woodgrains.

Ready to add a new twist to your collection? Bring a bit of history and a bit of luck this new year into your stable with a Mu Wen Ma, a horse that not only has the history of the Chinese New Year, but also a whole lot of Breyer history too!

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