Breyer Horse New Releases: Let’s Go Riding English

Ready to ride into the show ring comes a new Breyer set  that will have us all ready to saddle up and head on into the ring. Golden Oak Stables brings collectors a myriad of Breyer horses to fill our shelves and collections with more horses than you can imagine, and now you can get ready to bring English riding into your stable.

English riding originated in Europe and has ties all over the world. The shape of the English saddle is much different from the Western saddle and can be Distinguished by the lack of horn and smaller look overall.  English saddles are commonly used in the eventing, hunter/jumper and show jumping disciplines along with being the choice for pleasure riding for many. The English disciplines are as varied as they are interesting and are bound by only what the rider can do in the saddle.

New for 2014 come a set from the imaginations at Breyer that will have you running to the barn for a ride. The Let’s Go Riding English Set is new for 2014 and brings a new horse to the Breyer lineup. A stunning spotted Spanish horse is the star of this set and brings a new face to the typically warmblood filled English discipline. This black and white spotted  horse features lovely grey shading in his mane and tail and a fun spotted coat that will catch the attention of anyone who sneaks a glance. He comes along with a rider of her own dressed in a casual riding outfit for a day full of schooling or fun out on the trail. Their set is completed with a set of brown English tack and a pink saddle blanket.

Bringing the fun of riding together with a stunning horse, the Let’s Go Riding English Set is ready to gallop into your house and create memories for years to come!

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