Breyer Horse Stablemates: Show Jumping

Ready to saddle up and head over a few jumps? Maybe you’ve got your sights set on the Olympics and the gold medal. Whatever your goal, Golden Oak Stables is ready to help you put your Stablemates in the winners circle with a new set to have you saddling up!

Show Jumping is an English sport that has deep ties in Europe. This sport brings some of the equestrian world’s most talented horses together with riders that have the precision and determination to jump fragile jumps in quick time. Horses are given a set course and time that they need to complete the course in and any jump that is knocked over in the process counts as a fault. Horses that compete in show jumping are determined athletes that must be strong, quick and precise and riders must be as well. The teamwork that horse and rider show in the sport of show jumping is one in it’s own that exemplifies just how tight the bond between man and horse can be!

The Stablemate Show Jumping Set brings all of the excitement of the sport to you! Create your own show jumping championships with a Stablemate Warmblood horse of your own in a beautiful shade of rose grey. You can tack up with an English saddle and bridle and a rider is ready to mount up and get on course. The set also comes with a section of fencing and a jump of their own!

Bringing the excitement of a beloved discipline to you, Breyer has a way of bringing the real equestrian world to collectors all over the world! Jump into show jumping today for yourself!

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