Breyer Horse Classics: The Dream Horse Magic Spirit With Book

Breyer has for many years embraced horses in literature and has created some of the most famous and beloved horses that we remember from the pages of our favorite books. These horses remind us of the beloved stories that we lived together with the characters from these books and brought the horses to life! Now, Golden Oak Stables has brought a new author to collectors and brought her beloved characters to life with Breyer models of their own!

Magic Spirit: The Dream Horse is a book by Pippa Funnell. Some of you may recognize that name as one of Eventing’s elite, Pippa has for many years ridden in the highest levels of three day eventing, even becoming the first woman to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing in 2003 by winning the Rolex championships in Lexington, Kentucky, Burghley and Badminton!

Pippa brings her life long love of horses and all things equestrian to her writing by telling the story of Tilly Redbow. Tilly is a horse loving girl who starts her riding adventures at Silver Shoe Farm. There she rescues a grey horse that she names Magic Spirit who has been neglected and through patience and kindness teaches him to trust again.

Breyer brings not only this exciting novel to you, but also Magic Spirit! Created on the Classic Black Beauty mold, another beloved literary character, Magic Spirit is a beautiful grey horse! Light shading catches a bit of attention as he prances proudly with his stunning light grey coat! You can read the adventure of Tilly and Magic together as you care for Magic Spirit yourself and train him to be the amazing horse that he can be!

Want to add a little adventure to your collection? Let Magic Spirit gallop into your home today!

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