Breyer Horse Collecting: All Kinds Of Horses

February 27, 2014

One thing that is clear when you start collecting Breyer horses, is just how many different ones there are! Collectors have a myriad of horse to choose from and each year, Breyer brings new ones to collectors making it even more exciting! With so many horses, it might get a little confusing, but as you collect, chances are, you’ll find some patterns in your collection!┬áThere have been thousands of different Breyer horses made in the over sixty years since the first Western Horse was produced, but most of them fall into one of three categories.

The first is one of the easiest to recognize, portrait horses. Portrait horses are those that were made in the likeness of a horse, most of the time famous. Over the years many of equine elite have been immortalized as a Breyer model for thousands to add to their stable. Horses that have been portrait models range from some of the most famous race horses, like Secretariat to famous literary horses like Misty and Stormy! Breyer also immortalizes horses that are famous in their own circles, like championship breed horses such as SBH Phoenix.

The second category of Breyer horses is horses that are created not in likeness to any particular horse, but represent the horses we encounter in every day life. These horses range from beautiful purebred horses to those that live in the barn down the road. Colors and combinations stretch the equine rainbow and are as different as night and day! This is where Breyer’s creativity shines and you really can see the imagination at work!

Last, but certainly not least are the decorators of the Breyer lineup. These horses are painted in elaborate, non-realistic, patterns. These horses truly are the epitome of creativity and fantasy all wrapped into one. Many collectors have decorator collections that bring excitement to their collection!

No matter what you collect, Golden Oak Stables brings you the horses of your fantasies. What type of horses fill your dreams?


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