Breyer Horse Activities: Have you Gotten Creative Lately?

October 20, 2014

One of the most exciting parts of collecting Breyer horses is all of the creative things you can do with your models. Creativity runs strong through model horse collectors and the possibilities are endless for projects and ideas!

The model horse hobby has been around for as long as Breyer’s have been being made, well over 60 years! It didn’t take long for collectors to start using their creativity to bring a new life to their horses and their collection. Creativity goes hand and hand with a hobby like Breyer horses and many collectors find themselves creating for their Breyers without even knowing it!

Model horse customizing is probably the most obvious way that collectors get creative with their models. Collectors have always found ways to make their models more like the horses of their dreams, and now the possibilities are endless. Repainting and resculpting Breyer horses is an art it’s own, with¬†kits to get you started and artists happy to often to share their knowledge, there’s so much that can be done when you want to make your Breyer horses unique!

Collectors also find ways to be creative using other techniques and methods that you might not think of right away. Photographing Breyers is a fun way to express creativity if you have a good eye. Some collectors also make their own props and create elaborate miniature setups using ingenuity and creativity. Some even venture into the very creative and precise world of performance showing!

There’s also ways for the fine artist to feel creative with their models, painting and drawing Breyers is a wonderful way to create using your models and find joy in your collection! Fine artists also find it an easy transition to take their work onto their models.

Whatever your fancy, there’s a way for you to get creative with your models, and if you don’t know where to start, Golden Oak Stables has a ton of kits to get you started! What have you made for or with your models lately?

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Collecting For A Cause

October 16, 2014

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as we remember this disease that effects so many, we can also help the cause along with Golden Oak Stables and Breyer!

Breast Cancer is a disease that touches the lives of so many and the month of October is used to help bring awareness to this disease and to raise funds to find a cure! Breyer has teamed up with Breast Cancer to raise awareness and remember those lost to this terrible disease with a horse that helps fight for a cure!

The Breyer Breast Cancer Awareness Model is the perfect way to not only support the fight for the cure but to also remember those who have fought against it. Created on the Bluegrass Bandit model, this beautiful flat shod Tennessee Walking Horse is calm and placid as she walks ever so gently. Her sweet flowing mane and tail are long and beautiful as is her sweet face that carries the most gentile expression.

What makes her truly special is the translucent pink plastic that she has been created with. Using the signature color of the Breast Cancer Awareness movement, she’s been created in a beautiful and shimmering clear pink plastic. She’s been further adorned with pink ribbons that dance throughout her coat in a whimsical and beautiful way.

Each purchase of the Breyer Breast Cancer Awareness Model benefits Breast Cancer charities and research to find a cure! Remember this the fight that has been fought with this beautiful model that brings attention and awareness to a cause that needs our help!

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Breyer Horses Classics: English Jumping Accessory Set

October 13, 2014

Dreaming of riding in the Olympics or maybe just into the winner’s circle to pick up a blue ribbon? Your Classics can take you there!

Breyer has created a whole world for nearly every scale of Breyer horses and one of the most favorite is the Classics. These horses stand approximately 6 inches tall and are the second largest in the Breyer stable. Their size makes them an easy horse to play with, collect and display and they still have all of the detail and beauty of the Traditional scale horses. There’s a myriad of breeds that can stretch the equestrian landscape!

Golden Oak Stables brings you a fun set that will take you from schooling to show ring and will give your horse hours of fun. The English Jumping Accessory Set is a wonderful way to bring your horse into the jumping world and to train or compete for your own blue ribbon. The set starts off with a set of English tack, the first thing any horse an rider need to get started on the jumping course. The tack set also comes with a bold blue blanket that gives it a little pop of color. Next comes a stone wall jump that will give your horse and rider the perfect way to school or to show off their jumping skill. When they’ve mastered the sport there’s a blue ribbon and silver trophy to award all of their hard work with!

You can make your way into the winners circle with a little hard work and some fun with your Classics Breyer horses! What sport do you want to master?

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Real Life Breyer Horses: We Say Goodbye To Cigar

October 9, 2014

Tuesday, October 7th the world lost one of the greatest living race horses at the age of 24, Cigar. This incredible stallion not only had a racing record that placed him as one of the highest grossing race horses of all time, but he also touched the hearts of so many.

Cigar was a racehorse unlike no other, the big bay stallion that was for many years, the highest winning race horse in the world. Foaled in 1990, Cigar had winning blood in his pedigree, but unlike most race horses, he wouldn’t come into his own until his later racing years. His three year old racing season only netted a total winning of just under $90,000, and in his season as a four year old, he did a little better where he won the G1 NYRA Mile. It was in his five and six year old racing years that Cigar truly shined. As a five and six year old, Cigar won countless races including the prestigious Breeders Cup Classic and the Dubai World Cup which pushed him into super-stardom. At the end of his six year old racing year, Cigar retired with just under $10,000,000 in winnings. This record would go unsurpassed for 12 years!

Full retirement came early for Cigar, when within a few years of coming off the track, it was determined that he was sterile. In 1999 Cigar joined the Kentucky Horse Park Hall of Champions. Many Breyerfest attendees have fond memories of visiting this incredible stallion, just a year before he came to the KHP, Breyer released a new mold and model to celebrate Cigar. That next year Breyerfest attendees were greeted with a chance of a lifetime, the chance to meet Cigar! Each year since then, this kind stallion has held residence at the KHP, greeting visitors every day with a gentle demeanor that no one would expect of a Thoroughbred stallion, all while never seeming to age a day.

Golden Oak Stables celebrates the spectacular life of Cigar, and all of the lives that he has touched!

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Breyer Horse Accessories: What Is Your Style?

October 6, 2014

Every collector has a collecting style of some sort, certain patterns in their collection that makes it unique to only them! As Breyer collectors, we often find unique ways of making our collection our own. Most collectors enjoy adding at least some kind of accessories to their collection, let’s find out what your style is!

For many Breyer collectors, collecting Breyer horses is either an extension of their love for riding and owning a horse or a way for them to have that experience when they can’t have a horse in their life. It’s no surprise that miniature accessories like tack and miniatures are popular in the hobby. These tiny treasures help to create realistic scenes and bring the realism of owning and riding a real horse to your collection.

Some collectors might not even notice the accessories they have collected for their models. A blanket here a rider there, maybe a show halter that shows off a horse well, these are all little things that define your collecting style. Some collectors want to build a world all their own, and set off to create an entire stable or riding academy with their creativity and a few accessories. Sometimes these collections are focused, just like real riding academies that focus on one discipline, or can stretch the gamut of riding styles. There are even some collectors that enjoy being competitive with their accessories and compete in live model horse shows in performance classes. These collectors create intricate miniature scenes that depict real horse life and ask a judge to evaluate them based on their realism!

No matter what your collecting style, Golden Oak Stables has accessories to get you started, or get you into the show ring. What does your accessory style look like?
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Breyer Horse Collecting: Have You Seen The Classics Lately?

October 2, 2014

It’s no surprise to most collectors that the Traditional horses are the most popular and most collected, but all of the other Breyer scales are packed with just as much detail and just as much beauty!

The Classics are the second largest scale in the Breyer lineup at Golden Oak Stables, and stand about 6 inches tall. These lovely horses were first introduced in 1975 as the Classics line, but a few of them have been a part of the Breyer lineup since the early days of the company. The Western Pony and the Rearing Stallion have been around for over 50 years, well before the Classics were officially introduced but are generally considered to be a part due to their size. When the Classics were first introduced, they came in both singles as famous race horses as well as family sets. These family sets and famous race horses were a staple for so many collectors. Today, the Classics have had many new molds added to their stable as well as beautiful new colors, accessories and more!

Some of the more exciting Classics releases have been a myriad of new molds that have come into the Classics line in the last few years. Famous sculptors like¬†Brigitte Eberl has added her touch to the line with the new Halflinger Mare. There’s also the Horse Of The Year which is a new mold this year, a stunning palomino stock horse that stands tall and proud. You can also have fun with the classics in new ways, like taking adventures with your models and their stories, just like the girls at Canterwood Crest. You can even create your very own Stable with every accessory you can imagine!

Ready to explore the world of the Classics? Chances are, you’ll be surprised by how amazing they are!

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Breyer Horse Accessories: Are You Ready For Winter?

September 29, 2014

Just like us, horses have to prepare for the chilly weather that will soon be here. Horses may have once been hearty wild animals that lived off the land, but domestication has made them a little more susceptible to the elements. So, just like real horses, you can bundle up your Breyer horses for the upcoming chilly weather and do it in style!

As cool fall and winter air starts to move in, real horses will start getting a little help from their owners to stay comfortable. Most horses, like most mammals, grow a thicker winter coat as the air gets cool, but when the air gets frigid, most need a little more help to stay comfortable. It also helps keep horses clean as they go out to pasture, which something all owners can agree on!

Just like real horses, Golden Oak Stables and Breyer bring you realistic blankets that can keep your models warm and clean in the chilly winter air that’s ahead. You can start out with the Hot Colored Blanket and Boots Set. This bold and beautiful blanket is made of bright pink and blue fabric, meaning you’ll never lose your horse in the herd. If you’re a bit more conservative, there’s a lovely blue Blanket and Boots Set that is sure to keep your horses warm and a Red one as well. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty, you might want to try the Rambo Blanket. Made in stunning likeness to the blankets worn by real horses, this miniature version is sure to please!

Ready for winter? Bundle your horses up and get ready as the chilly air moves in!


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