Breyer Horse New Releases: Zenyatta’s Colt!

This spring, America’s favorite race horse, Zenyatta, welcomed a new colt into the world! Now, Golden Oak Stables brings you, your very own Zenyatta’s Colt to add to your collection.

Winning 19 of her 20 races, it’s no question as to why Zenyatta is a favorite horse for millions of horse racing lovers. This deep bay mare captured the hearts of horse racing lovers all around the world with her gorgeous looks and loving personality. Known for “dancing” before a race, Zenyatta took the world by storm as she won 19 out of 20 races in her racing career!

In the winter of 2010 Zenyatta was retired from racing and made her way to Lexington Kentucky to live on the prestigious Lane’s End farm! In spring of 2011 it was confirmed that Zenyatta was in foal to Bernadini and the world anxiously awaited as this superstar foal was to be born! On March 8th 2012 Zenyatta gave birth to a dark bay colt that looked just like his mother!

Now everyone can add a little bundle of joy to their stable with their own Zenyatta’s Colt! New for fall 2012, Zenyatta’s colt has been created on the Heartbreaker mold. This spunky little guy looks like he’s ready to break out and dance himself with his spirit and expression. His deep bay color has been recreated in a lovely way and makes you think of none other than his mother. He has a small star on his face and a little sock that has another one of his mother’s touches, ermine spots!

There’s no question that this little guy is Zenyatta’s and with a father like Bernadini there’s no telling just how far this little colt could go! With star parents like his, he could end up the next triple crown winner, only time will tell! The world waited for 11 months in anticipation for what is thought to be the next generation of great race horses, but you don’t have to wait to add a little bit of racing futurity to your stable! A little foal with a lot of potential, Zenyatta’s Colt is a surefire way to liven things up in your collection and stable!


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