Breyer Horse Collecting: Authenticating A Breyer

September 27, 2012

Breyer horses have long been prized by collectors for their beauty and collectibilty. As with all collectibles it’s important to ensure that models are authentic. Whenever your purchase one from Golden Oak Stables, you know you are getting a genuine and authentic Breyer, but keeping records of your models can help you keep the value of your collection as high as possible!  As important as this is, it’s also quite easy!

Taking the time to document your collection will help ensure that it is authentic as possible! If you’ve taken the time to create a beautiful collection you should also document it well. Keeping receipts, certificates and boxes are all ways of maintaining the authenticity of your horses. Also keeping notes of where it was purchased and when can help! Many collectors keep electronic files on their computer with this information and many still have binders and paper copies of records that hold it all. The more you can document the better off your collection is!

If you happen to have models you’ve purchased second hand, it’s always a good idea to give them a once over to check for authenticity. Breyer horses have a very distinctive style, it’s easy to tell one from afar if you are a collector. Tradional and Classic models are all made of the same plastic and Stablemates have a plastic all to their own. These plastics are very unique to Breyer horses and in many years of collecting I’ve not found another model horse made of the same material. This is a very simple and easy way to start checking the authenticity of a horse.

Inspecting the paint job is also a way to check authenticity. Breyer horses are all painted by hand with an airbrush and have a distinctive style to them. There shouldn’t be runs in the paint or gloss of a Breyer but mistakes do happen from time to time. If you’re a collector you can probably tell the difference in a factory painted horse and a custom. Trust your gut!

If is a special run model, they often times come with Certificates of Authenticity or other paperwork. These are very important!

No matter what though, you’ll always know you’re getting a genuine and authentic Breyer from Golden Oak Stables!


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