Breyer Horse Collecting: How A Breyer Is Made

September 20, 2012

Collectors get excited for any new Breyer horse, with their beauty and attention to detail there’s no model horses that compare! It may surprise you to learn just what it takes to create a new Breyer horse!

Each Breyer horse is created on a sculpture, oftentimes called a mold. When Breyer decides to make a new mold, the first step is contacting an artist. Breyer has a long list of talented sculptors that sculpt for them and choosing one that fits the new horse is very important. From there an artist will sketch ideas for the new mold until they find the right look, feel and pose.

Once a sculptor has picked they then move onto sculpting. Sculpting is a very difficult process that takes weeks, months and sometimes even years! An artist will use clay to bring the horse to life adding every detail you could imagine. When the sculpture is finished it will go to Breyer and start the mold making process.

After a mold has been completed, samples are painted at the Breyer factory and checked for everything you can imagine. If it is a real life horse the owner will often times be asked to check for correctness, down to the smallest detail! This is one of many reasons why Breyers are so realistic! Details like eye painting, hoof color and spot placement are all very important and add to the reasons why Breyers are so detailed and beautiful.

Once a horse has been approved it goes into production and soon it is at Golden Oak Stables waiting to come home with you! From inception to final product new molds can take over a year and new models take many months of planning! You’d never really know how much goes into a Breyer until you stop to think about how many hands take part in creating it.

The next time you get a new Breyer take a moment to appreciate the long journey it took from imagination to you!



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