Real Life Breyer Horses: Keep Padre and Fox Valley Oliver in Your Thoughts!

September 13, 2012

Each Breyer horse that is created is done so with love and care. The horses chosen to be portrayed as models of their own are often stars of the equine world in one way or another. Today we have news from two horses that have been immortalized as Breyer models but have hit a couple bumps in the road that are showing us that anything is possible.

Fox Valley Oliver is a black Shire that found many fans with his stunning Breyer model and then as a guest at Breyerfest 2008. This stunning Shire has made fans wherever he’s gone with his amazing beauty! Sadly this week it was learned that Fox Valley Oliver had found his way to a horse rescue in Ohio, Frog Pond Farm Draft Rescue. While his story may sound tragic, Ollie has found a forever home there and will work as an ambassador for horse rescue and adoption! His story will show the world that any horse can fall on hard times and that any rescue horse can do whatever it puts its mind to.

Another Breyer model who has captured the hearts of so many fans is Padre the mustang. Padre showed the world that anything was possible by showing and winning at the Devon Dressage show, one of the most prestigious in the world.  Many remember that Padre had to skip Breyerfest this year due to an injury. A few weeks ago Padre was spooked in his paddock by workers at a neighbors property and suffered another injury. Padre is on the mend and should be on his way back to the dressage ring soon though!
Ollie and Padre may have hit a hard time, but they go to show us no horse is invulnerable. Young, old, famous or backyard pony, any horse can hit hard times. So, hug your Breyers tight and your real horses tighter as you keep Ollie and Padre in your prayers! Golden Oak Stables wishes them a full recovery and a healthy and happy future!


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