Real Life Breyer Horses: What Jobs Do Horses Do?

September 3, 2012

Every horse has a purpose and in that purpose is a job. From the backyard pony to the competitive Olympic gold medalist, each horse has something it does in its day to day life. You might be surprised by how much variety there is in the horse world! Just like humans, horses have diverse jobs that vary based on their place in the world. With Breyer and Golden Oak Stables you can pick jobs for each of your horses!

Horses have developed over the years to do different jobs. Each breed has been bred to be the best physical example of what a certain job required. Horses like the Arabian have features that make riding in the high desert for long periods of time easy like large flared nostrils. The American Quarter Horse has developed a strong muscular structure for cattle work on the ranch. Draft horses are large and able to pull carts for the farmers that bred them.

It’s all not that simple though. Today horses have just about any job that their owners might ask of them. It’s not uncommon to see a Percheron draft horse competing in Dressage from time to time, or an Arabian in Western Pleasure. It’s all about what the owner wants! It also depends on the personality of the horse. Breed and size may limit a horse a little bit when it comes to the jobs they can do, but personality will be the largest deciding factor. Sometimes a horse is simply not a good fit for a job. It’s the responsibility of the owner to find the perfect job for their horse.

With Breyer horses you can choose just about any job you’d like for the horses in your stable; the only limit is pose! Sometimes with Breyer horses the pose of a model epitomizes what the horse does. A cutting horse or a show jumper are pretty recognizable but with a little creativity you can find new things for any model! It’s all up to you as the owner to pick the perfect job for your Breyer.

So take a look at your stable: what kind of jobs do your horses do? Do you have a lot of western working horses? Maybe a stable full of eventers. Perhaps you have a stable that’s as wide and varied as the Breyer lineup. Either way, it’s fun to find a job for each of your models  and with a little creativity your imagination can go wild!


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