Breyer Stablemates: Small Scale Fun!

One of the most collectible and most fun Breyers out there are the Stablemates! These lovely little sculptures capture the spirit of the horse in tiny sculptures that are less than three inches in size! They are just as detailed as their traditional counterparts and are painted just as beautifully too! Breyer has found a way to capture the wonder of a twelve inch horse into a three inch package, What could be better?

Stablemates are arguably just as collectible and popular as the famous Breyer Traditional horses. These lovely models in miniature are easy to collect for many reasons, size being a large one. The space that you take up with 12 traditional horses can hold almost 100 Stablemates! Its much easier to display Stablemates if you have limited space or only a few shelves. Stablemates are also much more affordable, so for only a few dollars you can have a whole new horse, or even a new herd!

There is also a ton of accessories making these wonderful for enjoyment! You can have all the adventures you can think up with your Stablemates! There are many playsets that include fun accessories in perfect scale that Breyer has created for your Stablemates!  Golden Oak Stables has the full line of Breyer Stablemates available including some of the most exciting sets! You can bring home a truck and trailer so that you can bring your models from one show to another! Decorated in bright graphics its Brenda Breyer’s dream car, and every horse lover for that matter! You can even bring your horses to the animal hospital for a little bit of vet care after a long day on the trail and the fun playsets don’t stop there!

There are dozens of Stablemate accessories and sets that will enchant your imagination. Breyer has created a line of lovely sets and horses that brighten the play scene for many and provide a series of easy and very fun horses to collect for all! Stablemates are easily the most enchanting and collectible Breyer line they have ever produced, get hooked today!


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