Breyer Horses New Releases: New Craft Kits!

February 3, 2011

Looking for the perfect winter project? Sitting around in all this snow and cold and looking for something to do with these long cold days? Golden Oak Stables has the perfect thing to ease your boring winter days! Breyer has released two more exciting craft kits to their already full and fabulous line of kits to get you started on the way to painting your next champion!

We all know that practice makes perfect, and there’s no better example of that than when customizing your own model horses. Well known Breyer cutsomizers will tell you that you need to practice over and over again. Painting a champion is a a difficult process and it would be a miracle to paint one the first time you sit down, but starting is the first step there!

Breyer has created kits that will help get you to the winners circle in the easiest way possible. Their kits come complete with all of the supplies that you need to fully complete a project! They come complete with a Breyer horse that is fully prepped and ready to paint, a variety of acrylic paints to create a realistic paint job, as well as paint brushes and directions!

There are two of the new Breyer Create, Play and Paint kits that are new for 2011. The spunky stallion is classy and full of energy! He features a black rooted mane and tail, perfect for styling and stands at around 6 inches tall! The lovely mare is a great companion to her stallion and also stands about 6 inches tall. She too has a rooted mane and tail that you can have a ball braiding for her next show! These kits also have a ¬†fun element, they are perfect for play with their rooted manes and tails and exciting, dynamic poses. There’s also a sheet of flocked markings that you can place on your horses to change their looks into a pinto or appaloosa!

It may be cold outside but its warm in the craft studio! Use this time to polish up on your customizing skills and get started on painting your next champion for 2011!


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