Breyer Horse New Releases: Priefert’s Kong

February 17, 2011

From the romantic French countryside comes one of the most beloved and well known draft breeds, the Percheron! Breyer has taken the stunning and powerful Kong and created him in exceptional detail for the 2011 line!

Making their debut at Breyerfest 2010, the Priefert hitch was a big hit amongst many! This amazing and hard working group of six Percherons perform a full schedule all around the country, traveling from expo to expo, for audiences of all shapes and sizes. From fast-paced Roman riding to their “Texas Thunder” performance, they stun and awe with their amazing harness work! Equally impressive is their size – each of these horses stand a tall 18 hands, which is six foot tall at the shoulder!

Golden Oak Stables brings the excitement of the Priefert Percherons to you with the amazing Kong. Nicknamed Donkey Kong, this large and in charge “wheel horse” stands 19 hands tall and is the leader of the pack. His stubborn streak may be what gave him his nickname, but he gets the job doneĀ controllingĀ and leading a group of six huge horses!

Breyer has created Kong on the stunning Cedarfarm Wixom mold that was previously created as the title championship Percheron. This mold is huge in comparison to other traditional horses, putting him in perfect scale for his breed. He is solid black aside from a white blaze across his face typical for his breed and he wears a bright red ribbon in his tail that is tied up and ready for a show.

An exciting and stunning new release, Breyer has not only brought a stunning Percheron to collectors but also a superstar! You can bring a little “Texas Thunder” – and a beautiful and impressive Breyer – home today with Kong!


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