Breyer Horse Accessories: What’s in Your Stable Yard

February 21, 2011

Where do your Breyers live? On shelves in a special room? Perhaps on the floor where they are galloped around or maybe on a desk or mantle. What  about a barn? Every horse needs a barn and better yet a stable yard, Golden Oak Stables and Breyer brings you a huge selection of everything you can imagine to have your very own dream stable!

The Deluxe Breyer Barn is the perfect start for your dream stable! With two stalls, working doors, feed bins, saddle racks, bridle racks and a cross tie area, this barn is ready to become a championship barn with your horses! Created out of all wood in a natural finish the Deluxe Breyer Barn is gorgeous as can be and will make any horse lover happy!

You can fill out your pasture with a Breyer Wooden Barn is a perfect run-in shed or a great small barn to start out with. It can easily fit two Traditional horses and has working doors, chain stall guards and feed bins! This barn is great by itself or laid side by side, or it looks great as a run-in barn for your pasture horses!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables don’t stop there! There are a ton of accessories that you can bring into your model horse barn! Stable accessories like saddle stands and fencing are great essentials to start with and important in every barn. Fill your tack room with all the tack imaginable, there’s a tack set for just about any discipline you can imagine! So you can turn your barn into a championship eventing barn or a world class reining barn, the possibilities are endless! There are also a huge range of accessories for your barn as well as riders that will be champions each time that they saddle up!

So start your stable today with any of the wonderful accessories that Breyer and Golden Oak Stables brings you! The possibilities are endless and everyone can have that dream stable they’ve always wanted, what could be better?


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