Breyer Horse Collecting: Old is New and HOT!

In these modern times, sometimes we are caught up with the newest and best, the fastest and sleekest, but sometimes things of the past are even more beautiful than the newest hottest thing.

One of the hottest trends in the hobby right now is vintage and retired models.  Many collectors are finding that collecting a vintage and or retired model has a bit of mystique to it because everyone can’t get the same model; they are harder to find, but still quite affordable. Many older models can still be found mint in the box just like it came from the factory, you can still be the first one to open that new model and you can have a model that many do not have!

Vintage and Retired models also tend to be more collectible because they are more difficult to find. You can’t go to just any dealer and get them. Golden Oak Stables is a standout when it comes to dealers carrying a huge selection of Vintage and Retired models! You can pick your dream horse from their selection and receive a brand new model with far more collectibility to it than a current regular run.

These models also stand out because they tend to only gain in value. If you keep your models in good shape, especially your Vintage and Retired models, they will only go up in value. This is because they aren’t producing any more of your model once it is retired. Models are all produced for a period of time, some for six months, some for sixteen years. There is no way to know how long Breyer will produce a current run for, but once they are retired, you know they are retired. Rarity doesn’t always depend on the time produced, or the number that were made. It often also depends on factors like popularity more than anything.

In the end, Vintage and Retired models are a great investment and they are fun because you probably will get a model that many collectors don’t have, or haven’t had in a very long time. In the end, always buy and collect what you love!


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