Breyer Horses 2011 Collectors Choice Time!

You may recall that a few short months ago Golden Oak Stables told you about the  call for ideas for the 2011 collectors choice? Well Breyer has picked their three favorites and its time for you to vote!

Vote Now for 2011 Collector’s Choice Model!

It’s time to cast ballots to help Breyer choose the Spring 2011 Collector’s Choice model! Voters can select one of the three models listed below.

Voters may cast one ballot only between today, Friday, March 19 and Monday, April 5.

The three finalists are:

1. A Pinto Sport Horse on Big Ben mold #483 as a glossy charcoal pinto with a white mane and tail and three high stockings. We added a beautiful classic bald face to complete this gorgeous model. Suggested by Kellie DeFosset of Bethalto, IL.

2. Jessica Mosley of Tok, AK, suggested “Apple Jack,” who she describes as a “cuddly pony” on the Bouncer mold #707. His coat color is a soft and shaded red sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail streaked with pearly metallics to enhance his great hair details.

3. “Black Ice” was submitted by Meghan Gill of Woodinville, WA. This is a Rocky Mountain Horse done on the Ethereal mold #582 with a glossy dappled dark chocolate coat and a white mane and tail. He has a star and snip on his handsome face. As Meghan told us, in this color, the diluting gene has lightened the mane and tail to a white while leaving the body a very dark chocolate, nearly black color. This is a very unusual color, even on Rocky Mountain Horses, and it is rarely seen on any other breed.

For more info and to vote visit Breyer’s Website, here!


The spring’s 2010 collector’s choice model is not to be forgotten though! Manco Capac is a beautiful red roan Paso stallion that is firey and exotic! You can read more about him here and, as always, you can learn all about all of the latest news right here, so stay tuned!


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