What Makes Breyer Horses Different?

March 4, 2010

If you have ever held a Breyer Horse you know that there is something extraordinary about them. There is something that makes them stand out in the crowd, but do you really know what is special about them?

The first thing you might notice when holding a Breyer is the plastic that they are made of. All Traditional models are molded out of Cellulose Acetate which is a very durable plastic. This plastic is very heavy and has a bit more “bend” in it than other horse models which helps them be a little more resistant to breakage. The plastic is also movable when heated up, making it relatively easy to reposition and customize.

Another astonishing thing about Breyer is that they have the most realistic horses out there. In recent years they’ve used some of the most talented horse sculptors all over the world to sculpt for them. This helps create the most realistic models that are widely available all over the world! No other toy horses even compare!

Breyer is also consistently bringing out new models with the most exceptional paint jobs that anyone could ask for! Breyer has always been the pinnacle of model horses, and their paint jobs have always been beautiful, but in recent years their colors have become more and more realistic and paint jobs with dapples and roans have become just about as realistic as you can get! They are always on the front edge of the hobby using new techniques!



Notice the exceptional shading and dappling

In addition to painting, the details that Breyer achieves in even the smallest scale is mind blowing. Nearly all models now have hand painted eyes, even some Stablemates! Many models also have hand detailed or striped hooves and very crisply painted socks and facial markings. These all may seem like little details, but they really bring the quality of their models up above anything on the market.


Even in Stablemate Scale details are not lost
You simply cannot find a more exceptional model horse, and with over 5 million produced each year, there are millions of people that agree! Check out Golden Oak Stables for the full line of Breyers, you won’t find a bigger selection or a more beautiful horse!


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