Breyer Horse Showing: Picking The Right Performance Horse

March 18, 2010

Choosing the right horse to show can be difficult, but choosing the right one to show in performance showing is truly a skill.

There are many things that need to be considered when picking the right entry; many factors go into performance showing due to the intricacies of creating a realistic scene. Picking a model that is versatile is also important for performance showing. You don’t want to have to change horses and tack between each and every class, and it also can earn you big rewards if you have a horse that excels in many disciplines. Lastly, choosing a horse that has a realistic movement, mane and tail style (No braids in a Western class, for example) and a tidy attitude and appearence can help you find a ideal show horse.

One of the most accomplished performance horses is the Flash mold. This little Morgan is full of spunk and can work in a myriad of events. His position works well for both English and Western and even though he is a bit small in size, he can overcome even the biggest competition. His short size does limit him a bit, making him a poor choice for higher level competition such as Olympic events, but he can make that up with versatility. He’s available currently from Golden Oak Stables in the Fun With Model Horses set.


For someone wanting a bit more of a creative choice the Cleveland Bay mold can be used in a variety of ways. He makes a wonderful driving horse, especially the version with a braided mane and tail, but with a loose mane and tail the doors fly open. O’ Leary’s Irish Diamond is a loose mane Cleveland Bay in a beautiful dapple grey, who would look wonderful in a variety of lower level and pleasure work. Being a heavier horse than the usual stock or sport horse, you might need larger tack for him, but he will make up for it by standing out in the ring.


These are just two of hundreds of different molds that can be used in dozens of different ways. Creativity really is the biggest help to any performance shower, but a good horse can take you places!


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