Breyer Horses: AQHA 75th Anniversary Edition

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the American Quarter Horse Association, and in perfect style, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables are celebrating right along with them!

The American Quarter Horse has long been a staple of the American way of life, from settling the west to today’s modern love for the horse, the Quarter Horse has shown that it can excel in so many different sports and even make some of the best family horses out there. The American Quarter Horse Association has been registering and keeping track of the American Quarter Horse breed for the past 75 years and hails as the largest breed organization in the world. The AQHA provides programs in all disciplines that encourage the deep bond between  horse and rider and even programs for young riders. In 75 years this organization has grown into one of the most recognizable organizations and breeds in the world!

This year, Breyer celebrates 75 years of the AQHA with Quarter Horses that span the color rainbow. You can add sorrel, bay and palomino American Quarter Horses to your collection that show off the breed’s diversity. Created on the Ideal American Quarter Horse model, the model stands calm and placid showing the breed’s gentle demeanor. Their bold colors are sure to brighten up your stable and steal the show ring along the way!

Do you have any American Quarter Horses in your collection? Maybe you have a real American Quarter Horse? What do you know about the most popular breed in the world?


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