Breyer Horses Stablemates: Horse and Rider Red Roan Sport Horse

2015 is a big year for the Stablemates and for Stablemate collectors alike. New molds, new models and tons of new accessories have made their way into Golden Oak Stables and collectors are scrambling to fill their collections! With so many  choices, there’s no telling where to start!

English riding has long been one of the staple disciplines in riding and schooling and jumping aren’t far behind. The sport of equitation and learning to ride in proper form have all been skills that every English rider must learn from the beginning of their training. These skills form the bonds and abilities that take riders from the schooling ring into the winners circle and beyond!

You can school with your Stablemates with a fun new set that will have you riding through your lessons and ready to train hard. The Horse and Rider Red Roan Sport Horse is a wonderful set to get you started in the world of English riding, or get you going even further with your training. The set starts off with a lovely cantering red roan Warmblood horse that is painted in a flashy and beautiful color that is sure to stand out in the show ring. He’s stretched out, in a full canter, ready to take on his next task with great concentration. His flashy white socks and wide blaze are stunning and even more of an eye catcher! He comes along with his rider and a set of English tack that will get him ready for his lesson or a class or two once his skills are perfected. Once those skills are perfected he can start training over his own roll top jump!

Ready to saddle up? This gorgeous red roan Warmblood is waiting for you!


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