Breyer Horse Collecting: Learning From Your Collection

Collecting Breyer horses is a hobby we all share. Large or small collection, we all share a love for horses and Breyers. Have you ever taken a moment to think about how things have changed since you started collecting? Chances are, every time a new model shows up from Golden Oak Stables, you’re doing a lot more learning about horses and your collection than you think!

With such a diverse collection, collecting every Breyer horse has long been a dream for many collectors and accomplished by very few. With all of this diversity comes another side of collecting, learning about horses you may have never heard of otherwise! Each year Breyer produces dozens of horses, from rare breeds to accomplished equestrian athletes from so many different sports. So, it’s no surprise that often collectors add horses to their collection that they didn’t know much, or anything, about before welcoming the horse into their collection!

Your collection also provides so many other ways to learn about horses. Interacting with other collectors is sure to get you learning things you probably didn’t know, whether it be Breyer history or real horse knowledge. Preparing for live shows can also help you learn about real horses and the models that you are collecting. Many live shows require this type of research prior to showing, so you’re sure to pick up some new information along the way!

The next time you glance at your collection, take a minute to think about how much you have learned since your collection started. What is the most interesting thing that collecting has taught you?


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