Breyer Horse Classics: Spring Is In The Air

Spring has finally sprung for most people and with that comes the promise of new life in the form of plants, birds and even horses! Spring is the time of the year that welcomes in so many new baby foals. Even if you aren’t welcoming a new real foal in your life, you can welcome a new Classic scale foal with Golden Oak Stables.

Standing approximately six inches tall, the Classics horses are a line of 1/12 scale horses that stand just below traditionals in size. These lovely horses are a collectors favorite and have been a part of the Breyer world for almost forty years! These astonishing little horses bring a life to collecting unlike any other scale and span the gamut of breeds.

There have been hundreds of foals that have passed through the Classics lineup in the past fourty years, and right now, there’s a ton to choose from. You can start off with a fun little Warmblood foal with A New Arrival at The Barn. This lovely little foal comes along with his mother and a bunch of fun accessories to make his addition to the barn a bit easier. Next there’s a lovely little grey Thoroughbred filly with her mom that will leave you wishing for spring in the bluegrass. Collectors will love learning about the versatile Morgan and her new bright red bay filly in the Classic stable. This pair are lovely as can be and adorable as well. Western riders will perk up to hear about a lovely new Chestnut Appaloosa that’s come into the Classic stable along with his mother. These two have both beauty and flash on their side with their striking coats. If you’re in the mood for just a few new foals, you can add a pair of foals all by themselves to your stable. The Colorful Foals set brings together two bold and beautiful foals that are sure to warm your heart with how sweet they are!

No matter what horses live in your stable, a new foal is always fun, especially as spring is starting to bloom. Who will you be adding to your stable this spring?

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