Breyer Horse Collecting: The Breyer Gallery

Most collectors will admit to playing with their horses at least once in awhile. The chance to pretend that your Breyer is a real life horse and that it takes you on all of the different adventures that follow is something none of us can deny. There’s no question why collectors wouldn’t love that, but there’s another type of Breyer horse too, one that brings a touch of fine art to the world of collecting.

The Breyer Gallery was introduced over 20 years ago and in that time has hosted some of the most incredible Breyer horses that they have ever produced. In the early 1990’s Breyer released their first Gallery models, large traditional porcelain horses representing horses around the world. This set of three horses was popular amongst hobbyists and started the path for a new line of incredibly detailed, artistically focused Breyers.

Most models in the Breyer Gallery start off as new sculptures in any number of sizes. Horses from large Traditional scale all the way down to Stablemates have been featured as Gallery horses and have shown the level of extreme detail and artistry that Breyer can create! Models in the Breyer gallery are often made from different materials than the plastic that you’re used to from Breyer. Porcelain is most common, but there are many resin models that have also joined the ranks.

Golden Oak Stables brings you the latest incarnations in the Breyer Gallery which all bring a new light to the world of Breyer collecting. There are a myriad of different breeds that have been introduced into the Breyer Gallery in the past few years, in a fun and easy to collect size, each standing about 5 inches tall! This newest incarnation in the Breyer Gallery has brought a whole new world of collecting to collectors, putting a piece of fine art in the palm of your hand. Literally!

Any collector can appreciate the detail and amazing work behind a Breyer horse, take it up a notch by adding a horse from the Breyer Gallery to your collection!

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