Breyer Horses New Releases: The Event Horse Primmore’s Pride

New for 2014, a lovely new horse is galloping into the classics stable with a fun twist, a story of their own! You and Golden Oak Stables can have fun with a new horse and also bring a new story to you!

Collectors may recognize the name Pippa Funnell for her extensive career in the eventing world. Pippa has for many years ridden in the highest levels of three day eventing, even becoming the first woman to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing in 2003 by winning the Rolex championships in Lexington, Kentucky, Burghley and Badminton! Now she takes on a new career as an author, bringing her love for horses to a whole new audience with a jump into the world of writing! Breyer has teamed up with Pippa to create the star of her latest book, Primmore’s Pride so that you can live out the adventures on your own!

Pippa takes her eventing knowledge and has created a lovely world with star Tilly Redbrow! Pippa takes her own horse, Primmore’s Pride as inspiration for this novel and for the star horse, Pride & Joy! This lovely 7/8 Thoroughbred horse has been created on a striking Classic horse who’s ready to ride into the ring. His stunning bay coat is accented with a small star, two small socks and a braided mane. Tilly will be ready to ride into the ring with this lovely little horse, that is, if she can convince the owner of her barn that she’s ready!

Pippa’s novels are full of amazing tales based on her real life adventures, which brings a special touch to her work. Horse lovers young and old can learn from one of the best, while reading an amazing adventure and bringing a new Breyer horse into their stable. No matter what the reason, Primmore’s Pride is a fun and neat way to celebrate your love for horses!

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