Breyer Horse Events: North American Nationals 2010

Every other year, Lexington Kentucky welcomes the North American Model Horse Showers Association and the North American Nationals to downtown Lexington for three days of competition.

To attend the North American Nationals, or NAN, attendees work for two years to qualify their horses at local shows by winning a first or second place at a qualified show.Shows around the nation must qualify to be a member of NAMHSA and are then permitted to award NAN cards for admission to NAN, which are valid for two years. In odd numbered years, NAN floats around the United States; in 2011 it will be in Tucson, Arizona.


The 2010 North American Nationals brought together thousands of horses from all over the country and world for three days full of competition. Creativity took center stage with some of the most amazing performance setups I have ever seen! From English to Western and everything in between the level of competition was beyond what is even fathomable!

Custom and Artist resin classes were absolutely awe inspiring for the artist or art appreciator alike. The most beautiful customs and artist resins could be seen in one place which was an amazing feat on its own. All levels of customs were on view, anything from original sculptures to minor customs were featured and  appreciated by all. Repaints of all mediums were also on display showing the variety that lives in our hobby.


In the Original Finish ring there were makes and models that would make just about anyone faint with envy. I was honored to judge Original Finish Breyer Collectibilty and can honestly say I’ve never seen so many exceptionally amazing horses in one place. Horses only read about that live in myth and legend took center stage and top honors!



The North American Nationals may have come and gone, but this year will not go down without amazing memories for all involved. With an extreme level of competition as well as a wonderful sense of good sportsmanship and excellent entries, this year will be remembered for many to come. Special thanks goes out to the North American Nationals Committee for making this year something to remember.

If you’d like to start getting your horses ready for 2011 or 2012 come on out to Golden Oak Stable’s New England Fall Live in October; we are pending NAN qualification and hope to send you home with that famous “Golden” ticket!


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