Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2010; A Moment With All Glory

Breyerfest 2010 has come and gone in a fascinating whirlwind of glamour, celebrity and horses. The three day festival was the 21st anniversary and All Glory was the star.

Honored with the title of “Celebration Horse Of The Year”, All Glory is a bay Standardbred gelding owned by the fantastic William and Elizabeth Shatner. William Shatner is well known for his acting career but has a long history with horses! William and Elizabeth own a 360 acre farm outside of Versailles, Kentucky by the name of Belle Reve. The ranch is home to many championship Saddlebreds and Standardbreds.



All Glory is a championship Standardbred shown by both Elizabeth and William that has achieved a large amount of success in the past 8 years, including twelve world championships! This striking bay gelding was welcomed into Lexington, Kentucky in grand style this weekend at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Breyer picked All Glory as the guest of honor for Breyerfest 2010 which includes having a model made in the likeness of him. The Shatners chose the Rejoice mold as the portrait mold for their prized gelding which was given a bit of a makeover to create the most realistic model possible.

Elizabeth Shatner was the guest of honor greeting hundreds of welcoming Breyer and All Glory Fans. Performing and signing autographs, Elizabeth met adoring fans with a smile and an autograph for all.




All Glory was a star performing his iconic disciplines for attendees and wowing the whole crowd! Beautiful and powerful, All Glory is the epitome of the versatile Standardbred breed.

Breyerfest 2010 may be done and in the books, but All Glory and the Shatners were guests of honor that will not soon be forgotten. With grace and style, they are everything wonderful that we know and love about both the model and real horse community!


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