Breyer Horse Showing: Collectors Class

My absolute favorite class of any show is the Collectors Class because it is the class that is filled with some of the most beautiful and interesting Original Finish horses out there.

The best way to think of a Collectors Class is as a grouping of 8-12 of your best vintage Breyers in a themed setting. Some shows will have a few different Collectors Classes, one for theme, one for models all of the same mold, ect. but many are simply one class to “catch all”. The Collectors Class division is one that dates back to the early days of showing; these classes today are a bit harder to find but still popular ones when held.




When picking models for the Collectors Class you want to first of all decide on a theme. Do you have a bunch of race horses? Or all Foals? Do you have 10 of one mold? Lots of vintage boxed models? The possibilities are endless! Whatever your theme, its most important to decide on it first; when you’ve decided on one you’ll next want to begin picking models. Collectors classes are first judged on Collectibility, or how rare the horses are, and secondly on theme. Condition is a bit less important in this class than it is with other classes, so its a good place to put those vintage models that are almost perfect. You’ll want to pick out anywhere from 8-12 horses, but read the show rules first, this sometimes varies from show to show.

Once all your models are picked out, then you can begin having fun! One of the neatest thing about the collectors class is that you normally have a portion of a table to set up your horses on, and this is frequently decorated by entrants! Typically this is done by using any type of risers (Normally a box of some sort) and a fabric to cover the risers, which the horses will sit on. Your setting doesn’t have to fit your theme perfectly, but it can add to your entry! If you have a Kentucky Derby theme, adding a fabric covered in roses, can really shine up your entry.

Lastly, and probably my favorite part of the Collectors Class, is that you can use props! So you could put old Breyer Catalogs in your entry, or back to that Kentucky Derby theme, you could put racing memorabilia throughout your entry! Let your imagination run wild and you’ll delight the judges and others as well.

Finding a Breyer horse show with a Collectors Class is a bit more difficult to find, but they are a blast! You can check them out at Breyerfest, and of course at Golden Oak Stables Open Show held in the fall! Until you find one, get your thinking caps on and start thinking about your theme!


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