Real Life Breyer Horses: Cortes C

The world has its eyes on Rio and the American Equestrian team as they compete for the gold. The Eventing team has already brought home individual Bronze thanks to Phillip Dutton! Now the world focuses their eyes on the Dressage and Show Jumping arenas as they compete for a chance to make the history books.

One special horse Breyer collectors will recognize is Cortes C, mount of Beezie Madden. Already immortalized as a Breyer model, Cortes C is a stunning black Belgian Warmblood gelding that has already stunned the world along with Beezie in so many different winners circles. He’s also been named the 2014 International Horse Of The Year!

It’s easy to see why this gelding has caught the eye of the world and of Breyer! Excitingly, he is the first regular run release of the new Carrick mold and collectors have been clamoring to get their hands on a Cortes C of their own!

Now, you can sit back, and watch history as Cortes C competes to immortalize himself in the history books once more, as an Olympic medalist! Time will tell who makes the history books and who will end up Olympic medalists in Rio. It may still be up in the air, but Cortes C certainly stands a good chance!


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