Real Life Breyer Horses: The Olympics Have Started

August 8, 2016

In sunny Brazil it may be winter, but it is sunny, warm and equestrians from all around the world are there for a chance at history! The Olympic games have come to Rio and the equine world is watching history be made!

On the first weekend of the Olympics the Dressage section of the three day eventing test began. On Saturday, competitors entered the arena to take the difficult Dressage test that awaited them. This section of three day eventing challenges the poise and delicacy between horse and ride and shows the exceptional connection that so many share. Using precise movements and delicate communication, horses and riders performed this difficult test while the world watched.

Britain’s William Fox Pitt finished first after the competition, coming back from a traumatic injury in October 2015. Astonishingly in under a year he has risen back to the top of the equestrian world and has gold in his sights! Germany ended up first after the Dressage phase of the team competition, with France and Australia not far behind. The United States is sitting comfortably in sixth place, and nothing can predict what will happen on days two and three. Maybe a metal is within the United States’ grasp?

Cross Country starts today, and this grueling test always brings out the best in horses and riders. Sit tight with Golden Oak Stables and follow as the equine world competes for a chance in history in Rio 2016!


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