Attendance tops 125 at the 2009 Saddle-up for Spring Live Novice Model Horse Show & Breyer Fun Day on March 28, 2009

It was a capacity crowd with over 45 entrants for the show and a total of 121 in attendance for the all day event.

Saddle-Up for Spring, the second installment of all Novice shows was even more successful than the first! With 45 entrants the room was abuzz with new fresh showers and horses. The classes were filled to the brim with top caliber horses. The Custom and Performance classes went to show that us veteran showers in New England are going to have some real contenders to keep up with! Once again I was blown away by the level of creativity and maturity shown, and the love for our horses was apparent the entire day. Mark your calendars for our next All Novice Live Show- Golden Oak Stables’ Summer Break- June 27th, 2009, and for more events to also come during the year, including a How-To day and our first Open Show!
” – Stacy Becker, Event Coordinator

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