Breyer Horse Plush: The Softer Side of Horses

October 13, 2016

You probably think of the classic Breyer horse when you hear the name Breyer. Expertly sculpted and molded in plastic, then hand painted to perfection. There’s everything to love about them! But, did you know Breyer had a softer side too? One that is soft, cuddly, and oh so fun!

Breyer’s Plush line is filled with the same beautiful horses you know so well, but in a soft and cuddly form that is fun for all ages. Six different horses currently fill the plush stable, and are all different and unique on their own! You can pick the horse that best fits your collecting passions, or pick more than one to make up a diverse and beautiful stable!

Butterscotch is a buckskin paint that is stunning with his white pinto patches and his black mane and tail. Marshmallow is a grey beauty that has a light dusty white body and grey mane and tail. Penny is a bay paint that is deep and chocolately in color, and contrasts stunningly with her bold white patches. Pepper is a deeper grey than his friend Marshmallow and has a grey mane and tail to match. Rocky is a deep liver chestnut, much like his namesake, the Rocky Mountain Horse. And last, but not least S’more is a chestnut blanket Appaloosa that is spotty and sweet all in one.

So, who will you choose? Where will you start? Golden Oak Stables wants to know!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Holiday Collection 2016

October 6, 2016

Halloween might be on your mind as fall whips its way in, but the holidays are just around the corner, and as any Breyer collector can tell you, that means that the Breyer Holiday Collection has begun to make its appearance!

For twenty years, Breyer has released a special horse to commemorate the holiday season and this year is no different. These horses have become collectors favorites by so many collectors and their release is eagerly anticipated by so many! The holiday collection has also come to include many other items, including ornaments and snow globes to help make your holidays a little more Breyer filled!

Golden Oak Stables brings the 2016 Holiday Collection to you with each and every item in it just waiting to be added to your collection! The holiday horse this year is a spirited Thoroughbred that is adorned in a holiday costume unique to this year only. Like everything in the holiday collection, he is limited, and only available for a short time.

The collection also includes eight ornaments, that will suit anyone’s collecting tastes or tree. From a new addition to the Beautiful Breeds series to an ornament perfect for your best friend, there’s one for everyone! And last, but certainly not least, a snow globe to help you decorate in equestrian style!

The 2016 Holiday Collection is ready and waiting to help you bring a little fun to your holidays, and a little touch of Breyer to them as well. Where will you start?


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Breyer Horse Accessories: Classic Hilltop Stable

September 15, 2016

Building your stable is one of the most exciting parts of collecting for many Breyer collectors. Classic collectors take note, a new stable is in town that is just as customizeable  as any part of your Breyer collection!

The Classic Hilltop Stable is the perfect blank canvas to start the stable of your dreams. This one stall barn is perfect on it’s own or combined to make a stable that only stops with your imagination. This single stall barn has an angled roof, a sliding door, and three windows. A true blank canvas, the Hilltop Stable is a lovely shade of natural wood that can be painted any color you desire or can be left in it’s beautiful light natural shade.

You can combine stalls to create a long row, leaving it open and airy, or the stall can be faced together, creating the look of an enclosed barn, complete with angled roof and aisle. The choice is yours!

No matter what your dreams are, you can get started with the Hilltop Stable. The barn of your dreams is just around the corner, and your classics are itching to get into the empty stalls. Which of your horses will be the first to be stabled at your Hilltop Stable?


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Xavier

September 1, 2016

The mythical unicorn has been a beast of fascination for hundreds of years. Breyer collectors have been no stranger to this fascination, and unicorns have become a favorite for many collectors. Now, one of Breyer’s most favorite molds takes on a fantastical twist and is headed into Golden Oak Stables!

Xavier is the latest addition to the Breyer fantasy stable and is already causing excitement among collectors. Created on the fan favorite Wintersong mold, Xavier is a stocky draft horse with feathers and hair to spare! This gorgeous gentle giant is magical all on his own, even without his horn! Kathleen Moody is known for her sculptures with a touch of fantasy, and we have to say, this sculpture has never looked better

Xavier is a stunning shade of pearlescent purple that shimmers as the light hits his delicate dapples. Under that purple shimmer is a delicate shaded grey paint job that is offset with silver accents. His most showing silver accent is his large unicorn horn that spirals from the top of his head in delicate fashion!

If you are a draft fan, a fantasy fan or just a fan of anything new and beautiful from Breyer, Xavier is sure to be the next horse headed into your stable! Don’t wait, he’s sure to be a favorite for many years to come!



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Real Life Breyer Horses: Cortes C

August 15, 2016

The world has its eyes on Rio and the American Equestrian team as they compete for the gold. The Eventing team has already brought home individual Bronze thanks to Phillip Dutton! Now the world focuses their eyes on the Dressage and Show Jumping arenas as they compete for a chance to make the history books.

One special horse Breyer collectors will recognize is Cortes C, mount of Beezie Madden. Already immortalized as a Breyer model, Cortes C is a stunning black Belgian Warmblood gelding that has already stunned the world along with Beezie in so many different winners circles. He’s also been named the 2014 International Horse Of The Year!

It’s easy to see why this gelding has caught the eye of the world and of Breyer! Excitingly, he is the first regular run release of the new Carrick mold and collectors have been clamoring to get their hands on a Cortes C of their own!

Now, you can sit back, and watch history as Cortes C competes to immortalize himself in the history books once more, as an Olympic medalist! Time will tell who makes the history books and who will end up Olympic medalists in Rio. It may still be up in the air, but Cortes C certainly stands a good chance!


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Breyer Horse Collecting: Mid Year New Mold Roundup!

July 5, 2016

One of the most exciting parts of collecting is new models, but even more exciting is the release of a new mold! This year, a ton of new molds have come to Golden Oak Stables and are galloping all over the world to collectors who are anxious to add these amazing new horses to their collections. So, let’s take a look at what Breyer has released for 2016 and give your wish list a few new additions.

Svali Fra Tjorn is one of the newest molds to be released, this little Icelandic Pony is unlike any mold before it and is sculpted by the beloved Kathleen Moody. Banks Vanilla is a one of a kind mold that is sculpted by first time Breyer sculptor, Sarah Minkiewicz who has been well known in the model horse hobby for decades for her incredible customs and resins. Now Breyer collectors have a chance at one of her amazing works of art! Cortez C is a stunning example of a sport horse with his calm demeanor and alert expression.

From the shores of the British Isles, Carltonlima Emma is a portrait of the Queen’s own Fell Pony! Well known to many equestrians and horse lovers,  Valegro is the stunning dressage champion that has taken the world by storm. Now, a new Breyer mold, he is taking the model horse world by storm! Last, but certainly not least, Brunello brings a new twist to a well known mold. Now featuring a perfectly braided mane and tail, this warmblood is unlike any seen before!

Which new molds have you added to your stable? Who is next on your wish list?



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Breyer Horse New Releases: Brunello

June 13, 2016

Breyer is no stranger to champions, for decades they have been the epitome of horse portraits and the honor is not wasted on their newest portrait! Celebrating a hunter champion, Golden Oak Stables welcomes Brunello!

Brunello is a superstar of the Hunter Derby world and now makes his way to Breyer collectors for mid-year 2016! This 18 year old Hanovarian gelding ridden by Liz Towell Boyd has a talent that has earned many titles in his career. He has won the USHJA Hunter Derby an astonishing three times in a row. This feat was not left unnoticed when he was awarded USEF’s Horse Of The Year not once, but twice!

Fitting for such an amazing horse, his portrait model is produced on a mold with a unique twist for the first time ever. The popular Idocus mold was chosen for this champion and rightly so, but a twist in the form of a new mane and tail are all his! His braided mane and tail are all you’d expect from a hunter champion and make him ready to step into the show ring. His lovely chestnut color with delicate shadings has been produced perfectly and his star and brand are the finishing details on this astonishing horse!

Is your stable ready for a new champion? Clear out a stall and sweep up the aisle, because Brunello is in town!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: National Reining Horse 50th Anniversary

June 10, 2016

The different ways that man and horse have competed has changed and evolved over the years. These competitions have mimicked work that man and horse have done and continue to do even today. Reining is one of these sports that shows the connection between man and horse and along with Breyer they are celebrating 50 years of reining history!

Formed in 1966 The National Reining Horse Association has set the standard for the sport of reining in the last fifty years. Reining is a Western competition that gives horses and riders the difficult task of working through a precise pattern mimicking the intricate ways a horse moves during cattle work. The test is completed at both the lope and the gallop and show the versatility of these incredible horses!

Breyer’s National Reining Horse helps to celebrate 50 years of this incredible sport! This Classic scale model is sliding into Golden Oak Stables and is ready to head into your barn. His deep sorrel coat color is stunning and flashy without being overstated. As he sides in the ring you’ll notice his concentration and precision to the task at hand, like any good reining horse!

Bring a bit of Western history to your barn with this new Classic that is sure to liven things up in your arena!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Svali Fra Tjorn

June 6, 2016

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have always opened the stable doors to horses all over the world, but the latest addition to the stable brings a whole new kind of horse to collectors!

Hailing from the Nordic Island nation of Iceland the Icelandic horse is a breed that is truly unique as can be. This small horse breed is unlike any other with it’s unique Tolt gait that only it possesses! Some even have a fifth gait, called a flying pace! The Icelandic horse is the national horse of Iceland and the only breed to exist on the island.

Svali Fra Tjorn is an exceptional example of his breed and one of the highest ranking stallions in the United States. This gorgeous stallion is a member of the famed Knights Of Iceland performance team and has received the highest rankings from the International Icelandic Breed Evaluations.

His sandy bay color is beautifully recreated on a brand new mold sculpted by the collector favorite Kathleen Moody! The first regular run of this beautiful new sculpture brings the epitome of the breed together with Breyer’s artistry for a match made in model horse heaven!

So clear out a stall and some room in the paddock, this new horse is on the move, and ready to head into your stables!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Poltergeist Halloween Horse

June 2, 2016

Breyer has always had a knack for creating beautiful model horses, both real and fantasy as well as wonderful horses that celebrate holidays in an equine way. This year, a new Halloween horse is galloping in with a frighteningly scary twist! The Breyer Halloween horses have always been a favorite among collectors and have been clamoring for a new addition year after year. Collectors can rejoice with Golden Oak Stables as a new Halloween Horse enters the stables!

Poltergeist is the latest in a series of scary and spooky Halloween horses from Breyer. This galloping Thoroughbred most recently was seen as American Pharoah, but now takes on a chilling twist. This black and white pinto has a surprise hidden in his coat, a skeleton that is stretched down his back! Then when the sun goes down there’s another big surprise in store for collectors, his white markings turn a creepy shade of green and glow in the dark!

Is your collection spooky enough to add this terrifying horse to it? Will your stable be able to handle such a scary horse? You’ll have to bring him into your barn and find out. But don’t wait too long, there’s only a small quantity available, and when they are gone, they’re gone!


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