Breyer Horse Events: North American Nationals 2016

July 11, 2016

Each year competitors come from around the world to compete in the North American Nationals hosted by the North American Model Horse Showers Association. This three day event is the epitome of competition in the model horse world and awards champions that will be known the world over!

For 21 years, the North American Model Horse Showers Association, or NAMHSA has been awarding champions. Horses can qualify for the North American Nationals, NAN as it’s commonly referred to, by showing in NAN qualifying shows and placing either first or second place in a qualifying class. Horses that qualify are awarded a card that can be used to enter NAN!

The North American Nationals has three days of competition that encompass all aspects of the model horse world. The first day brings competition for original finish models and performance for custom models. The next day original finish models can show in performance classes and custom models can show in breed classes. The third day is full of collectibility classes and classes for fragile china horses! Just about any model horse can be shown at NAN if it’s earned a card!

In these three days, hundreds of horses will be awarded with a prestigious title of National Champion, National Reserve Champion or Top Ten. These models will forever be known as champions!

Golden Oak Stables is always ready to bring you your next champion, so who will you choose next?


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Breyer Horse Showing: North American Nationals 2015

June 29, 2015

The North American Nationals is the pinnacle of model horse showing for the North American countries. Each year, thousands of models and many, many collectors, travel far and wide to have their chance at a national championship. With this level of competition, it’s obvious that any placing is an honor, and for the winners this weekend, it clearly was!

NAMHSA and NAN celebrated their 20th anniversary this year. Formed in the mid 1990’s, NAMHSA is the organization that so many model horse hobbyists are familiar with. NAMHSA governs over NAN qualifying shows, and from those shows, horses are qualified to show at the national show once a year. On even years, the show is held in Kentucky in the days preceding Breyerfest. On odd years, the North American Nationals travels to a location somewhere else in the country. In recent years NAN has been held in Tuscon, Arizona, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and this year in Palm Springs, California! This is the first time in many years that NAN was held in California and the enthusiasm from the local crowd was clear early on!

With over 4000 models entered and nearly 125 entrants, NAN Palm Springs was sure to be three days filled with fierce competition. Large competitive halter classes made for stiff competition on day one and the same could be said on days two and three for custom and collectibility entries. The stiff competition and amazing models made a championship and a top ten placing something to be truly proud of!

Do you have any models qualified for the North American Nationals? The next time you pick a model from Golden Oak Stables you may be choosing the next NAN champion! Who will you pick?


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Breyer Horse Showing: North American Nationals 2012

May 10, 2012

The time is nearing when the best model horses in the world gather in Lexington Kentucky to compete in the North American Nationals. In the three days proceeding Breyerfest this year, the North American Nationals will crown hundreds of National Champions, Reserve Champions and Top Ten Placers. These horses have the distinction of being named Champion among the best horses in both the country and the world and will carry that title forever!

The North American Nationals brings horses from all over the world to Lexington Kentucky this year, with only one requirement for entry, they must have placed first or second in a NAN qualifying show and been awarded a NAN card. This serves as the entry ticket for the biggest show of the year! Models are awarded a card for placing first and second at any NAN qualifying show that is valid for two years. Models qualified before April 30th 2012 are eligible for this year’s competition and can be entered for their chance at victory!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and give your horses a shot at a championship entries are now open! You can visit the NAMHSA site for more information on how to enter. If you’re not quite ready yet, start getting your feet wet at Golden Oak Stables novice and intermediate shows. These are the perfect way to start showing and learn all about the world of model horses! Tailored specifically for  those new to the world model horses and model horse showing these shows take all the elements of a highly competitive open NAN qualifying show and make it friendly for one and all!

Breyerfest this year is sure to be a blast and with the North American Nationals in town it’s a full week of model horse mania in Lexington Kentucky this July! You can be a part of it even if you aren’t there with Golden Oak Stables covering each and every aspect of this week full of model horses! No matter where you are this July, you’ll experience what a week full of Breyer horses will bring!

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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest and the North American Nationals

March 22, 2012

It’s that time of the year when thoughts of summer vacation are starting  to creep into everyone’s mind. For Breyer lovers, that means thoughts of Breyerfest! This year Breyer brings the spirit of Great Britain to Kentucky. That’s not the only exciting thing, this year Lexington plays host to the North American Model Horse Showers Association’s North American Nationals in the days leading up to Breyerfest!

The North American Nationals, or NAN for short, is a three day championship show held every year that crowns the best model horses in the nation. Models are required to qualify  at one of dozens of shows all over North America with a first or second placing. For three days hobbyists from all over North America to compete for the coveted title of National Champion. Even if you aren’t competing you can still catch a glimpse of the action. So if you are in Lexington early for Breyerfest be sure to stop by and see some of the best horses in North America!

Breyerfest 2012 is the year of the British Invasion and collectors from all over the world will come to Lexington to celebrate all the wonderful things British! From July 20th to the 22nd the Kentucky Horse Park will be taken over by thousands of collectors all there to share their love for Breyer. The guest of honor is Mariah’s Boon a striking bay drum horse that will enchant fans with his beauty! Entertainers also include The Knights of Valor, a famous jousting troop that has taken the world by storm on their television show Full Metal Jousting! Countless workshops, seminars, performances and model horse shows also fill the weekend, so there’s no doubt that there isn’t something to do at any time of the day!

Breyerfest is surely a dream for any Breyer horse lover and the North American Nationals is the same, but if you can’t get  to Kentucky Golden Oak Stables has events that will keep you and your horses busy this spring! March 24th brings Youths and Novices to Golden Oak Stables for a fun day of learning and competition. April 14th brings a day of open competition with a NAN qualifying show that will allow you to compete with open showers from all over New England.

There’s a little bit of Breyer fun wherever you look! So get out and have a blast with your horses in 2012!


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Breyer Horse Events: New England Fall Live

September 1, 2011

The third annual New England Fall Live is galloping into Golden Oak Stables on October 22nd 2011, to finish off a year of exceptional events!

The finale to a year of amazing events, New England Fall Live is an open, NAN Qualifying, show that will bring stiff and fun competition to New Hampshire! Being an Open, NAN qualifying show means that any horse that places first or second will be eligible to enter the North American Nationals show in either 2012 or 2013! The pinnacle of model horse shows, the North American Nationals is an event not to be missed and your horses could earn the chance to be there!

New England Fall Live has a full classlist with dozens of classes and hundreds of NAN cards to be awarded as well as hundreds of ribbons and dozens of beautiful rosettes to be given for champions in any number of divisions. There are tons of awards to go around for everyone.

NEFL is a Breyer only show giving you the chance to show off your wonderful and lovely Breyer horses in a setting where they can compete with their own. Focusing on the amazing versatility, craftsmanship and rarity of the Breyer Horse, Golden Oak Stables is proud to call NEFL one of the only “Breyer Only” shows in the nation.

Your Breyer horses can show in any of five divisions, Performance, Original Finish Halter, Original Finish Collectiblity, Custom Halter and Custom Workmanship. There are even fun classes like the Collectors Class where you  can bring out a theme collection of horses to show off and silly classes like “Miss Congeniality” where ugly is beautiful!

No matter what your preference is, there’s a class for you. This finale of the year is never to be missed and always full of fun! You can celebrate the beauty of the Breyer horse with a wonderful day at Golden Oak Stables! Don’t miss your chance at hundreds of prizes as well as a day of friends and fun!


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Breyer Horse Showing: NAN 2011 Review

June 20, 2011

This past weekend, Tucson Arizona played host to the North American Nationals Model Horse Show! Hosted by the North American Model Horse Shows Association (NAMHSA for short), this year end show brought the best horses in the nation to the warm Southwest for three days of the toughest competition in the country!

Hobbyists from all over the country and world came to Arizona along with their winning horses to compete for national titles. All horses that are entered into a NAN qualifying show and place first or second place at that show are automatically qualified to enter the national show once in a period of two years.

The North American Nationals, or NAN for short, travels between Kentucky on the even years and an independent location on the odd years. Arizona was chosen as the host for the 2011 show and Region 3 opened their doors wide for the rest of the country! Over a thousand horses were entered over three days of competition and dozens of national champions and reserve champions were awarded along with hundreds of national Top Ten winners.  Champions and Reserve Champions are awarded with a lovely wooden plaque celebrating their well deserved win and Top Ten winners take home huge ribbons that will remind winners of their achievement!

Also taking place was an amazing raffle where hobbyists could purchase raffle tickets to win amazing lots donated by the hobby’s most talented and amazing hobbyists! Almost 30 lots raised thousands of dollars to help NAMHSA continue providing for years to come!

All of this would not be possible though without the hard work of NAMHSA and NAN volunteers. Years of work go into each and every national shows as do hundreds of volunteer hours both before and at the event. NAMHSA is a volunteer based organization and without those wonderful volunteers, it would never be possible!

Sites are now set to NAN 2012 which takes place the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before Breyerfest! You can start getting ready now, all horses that place 1st or 2nd in a NAN qualifying show will qualify for NAN 2012! You can get started at Golden Oak Stables’ New England Fall Live on October 22nd 2011 in Concord, NH or visit NAMHSA to get a look at shows in your region! NAN 2012 will surely be a show that you don’t want to miss! Grab your best show horses and get started today to bring home your own national champion!




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Breyer Horse Showing: North American Nationals 2011

April 21, 2011

Are you a model horse hobbyist? Have you qualified a horse in the last two years for the North American Nationals? You may have and you don’t even know it! If you attended Golden Oak Stables’  New England Fall Live in the past two years and got a first or a second place you have! That’s not the only place to qualify your horse though, if you attended any model horse show in the past two years and your horse was awarded a first or a second place and was awarded a green, yellow or pink card with your ribbon that’s your ticket into the most exclusive show of the year! But don’t wait, you only have until May 2nd to enter!

The North American Nationals (Typically shortened to NAN) are held by the North American Model Horse Shows Association (Or NAMHSA for short) and is held in conjunction with Breyerfest in years that end in an even number in Lexington Kentucky. Kentucky NANs take place the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday prior to Breyerfest and take place at Rupp Arena, the same place where those famous Kentucky Wildcats play! In odd years NAN travels the country and typically is held somewhere in the western half of the country. This year its being held in the warm and beautiful Tucson Arizona!

Taking place June 17th, 18th and 19th, model horse hobbyists will take Tucson by storm and bring some of the best horses in the nation to Arizona for some friendly competition! There are classes for just about anything you can imagine at NAN 2011! Original Finish plastic is always a favorite for all of the Breyer collectors out there and with many classes there’s a class for everything! There’s performance classes, custom classes, classes for artist resins and chinas as well as collectibility classes that will judge the rarity and desirability of your horse. Just remember, each horse needs to have a NAN card to enter!

Registration is open for the 2011 show and will remain open until May 2nd! So if you are looking for a lovely desert vacation this June and have even a few horses qualified, Tucson is your place! The competition will be stiff, but the rewards are worth it!  Visit for more information about this year’s show or to start planning for 2012!

Golden Oak Stables is always your home for Breyer Horses, you never know when your new Breyer is going to be a star in the show ring! Do you have a horse you’ve gotten from Golden Oak Stables that has been a star at a previous NAN or in the show ring? I’d love to hear about it!


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Breyer Horse Showing: Looking For A Live Show?

March 17, 2011

Spring is here, the snow is melting and the grass is growing green again! With the warm weather comes the beginning of the the model (and real) horse show season! For veteran showers you already know where some shows are, since they tend to be held year after year, but sometimes live shows are hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look! Here’s a few places that should make your search easier!

One of the biggest resources on the internet is The North American Model Horse Shows Association(NAMHSA for short). This national agency is a group that mandates model horse shows and approves them to be “NAN Qualified” which means that they meet all the standards set forth by NAMHSA! Shows that can be found on NAMHSA’s website are NAN Qualified and held in high regard and are typically well attended. You can view the Upcoming Shows Link to view all member shows by Date, Region or Name. While you’re on NAMHSA’s site, take a moment to visit the  “Contact NAMHSA” section and look for your region. There are 11 Regions in North America and each one has a representative as well as  a  message group which will keep you in the loop for model horse shows and help you connect with other hobbyists in your area!

The other place to help you find live shows is! !n their “Events” section you’ll find a map of the United States and when you click on your area, all of the events that have been registered with Breyer will pop up!  Not everyone chooses to list their show with Breyer, so don’t depend on this as your only resource, but many shows do!

There are also other places to look for live shows including online model horse forums and hobby publications, but NAMHSA and are your two biggest resources when it comes to finding events in your area! As always, if you are in the New England area, plan a trip to one of Golden Oak Stables events for 2011! They are beyond compare and always popular as can be! An absolute “Not To Miss”!


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Breyer Horse Events: North American Nationals 2010

July 29, 2010

Every other year, Lexington Kentucky welcomes the North American Model Horse Showers Association and the North American Nationals to downtown Lexington for three days of competition.

To attend the North American Nationals, or NAN, attendees work for two years to qualify their horses at local shows by winning a first or second place at a qualified show.Shows around the nation must qualify to be a member of NAMHSA and are then permitted to award NAN cards for admission to NAN, which are valid for two years. In odd numbered years, NAN floats around the United States; in 2011 it will be in Tucson, Arizona.


The 2010 North American Nationals brought together thousands of horses from all over the country and world for three days full of competition. Creativity took center stage with some of the most amazing performance setups I have ever seen! From English to Western and everything in between the level of competition was beyond what is even fathomable!

Custom and Artist resin classes were absolutely awe inspiring for the artist or art appreciator alike. The most beautiful customs and artist resins could be seen in one place which was an amazing feat on its own. All levels of customs were on view, anything from original sculptures to minor customs were featured and  appreciated by all. Repaints of all mediums were also on display showing the variety that lives in our hobby.


In the Original Finish ring there were makes and models that would make just about anyone faint with envy. I was honored to judge Original Finish Breyer Collectibilty and can honestly say I’ve never seen so many exceptionally amazing horses in one place. Horses only read about that live in myth and legend took center stage and top honors!



The North American Nationals may have come and gone, but this year will not go down without amazing memories for all involved. With an extreme level of competition as well as a wonderful sense of good sportsmanship and excellent entries, this year will be remembered for many to come. Special thanks goes out to the North American Nationals Committee for making this year something to remember.

If you’d like to start getting your horses ready for 2011 or 2012 come on out to Golden Oak Stable’s New England Fall Live in October; we are pending NAN qualification and hope to send you home with that famous “Golden” ticket!


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Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest Here We Come!

July 15, 2010

You’ve marked your calendar and saved your pennies; for many this coming week week marks the biggest week in the model horse hobby: Breyerfest and the North American Nationals!

These two events roll into Lexington Kentucky starting Tuesday, July 20th and last until Sunday July 25th! Lexington has long been the horse capital of the United States and Breyerfest has called it home for over twenty years! The North American Nationals, or NAN, calls Lexington home every other year.

NAN is the pinnacle of model horse showing where competitors from all over the country and world come to show their very best models. A full three days long, NAN will welcome hundreds of entrants and thousands of horses for what is considered to be the ultimate model horse show. Many work all year long to qualify their models and travel thousands of miles to make their way to Lexington for the North American Nationals, no small feat! The North American Nationals is topped off with an auction on Thursday night which will include a party this year to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the North American Nationals!

Breyerfest is of course the event of the year for any Breyer collector, 3 days packed to the brim with everything there is to love about Breyers, this event is one that one must experience at least once. Thousands upon thousands travel from all over the world to experience Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horse Park,which has welcomed Breyerfest for 21 years now. This year welcomes a celebrity theme with famous guests Elizabeth Shatner and Priscilla Presley! There are also famous horses that will be in attendance, from Radar the world’s largest horse to O’Leary’s Irish Diamond, a famous Irish Draught horse!

I have the privilege of attending the North American Nationals as well as Breyerfest next week, and will be bringing you all of the news and events from the model horse capital of America! So stay tuned to Stable News and Golden Oak Stables, I’ll be back on Monday July 26th with all of the info you need to know!


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