Breyer Horse New Releases: Collectors Choice Apple Jack

June 30, 2011

New for Mid-Year 2011, Breyer brings an adorable pony straight from the mind of a life long collector to everyone’s shelves!

Each year Breyer puts out the call for ideas from collectors to design two new horses that will be produced for 6 months each and be given a place in the Breyer lineup! Breyer takes all the ideas and picks their three favorite. Those three are put up for popular vote from collectors and the top two are chosen to be new models!

Fall 2011’s model was created by Jessica Mosley of Tok, Alaska!  Jessica is a life long collector and submitted her idea of a chestnut Bouncer pony which was chosen by collectors! Apple Jack is a bright and gorgeous firey chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. His gorgeous coat is so eye catching and he stands out in a crowd. His long mane and tail are a vibrant flaxen with touches of shading in all the right places.

This little pony is created on the Bouncer mold who is popular as can be with collectors. Its been a few years since Bouncer’s last appearance in the Breyer lineup and he’s sure to be popular as can be. His sweet expression and kind demeanor make him an easy favorite along with his adorable pony features!

Apple Jack is the perfect mount for any child and could be seen in any youth hunter show and his flashy coat and bright mane and tail. He’d also make the perfect backyard pony with his willing nature and desire to please. He’d look adorable as can be doing mounted games or just taking a young girl for a ride in the woods. No matter what the job, Apple Jack would be the perfect mount!

Adorable as can be, Golden Oak Stables brings you a collector designed and chosen model straight from Breyer! Apple Jack is only available for 6 months, so don’t delay! Once he’s gone, he’s gone! Keep your eye out for the next Breyer collectors choice! We’ll bring you all the info you need to submit your idea and to have a chance to see your creation come to life!


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Breyer Horse New Releases: Mid-Year 2011 Releases!

June 27, 2011

Its going to be an exciting summer! Breyer has pumped their line full of exciting new releases that will light up your stable. Golden Oak Stables brings you the latest releases that Breyer has pulled out all the stops on!

The Collectors Choice model has returned after a short hiatus and comes in the form of Applejack, an adorable chestnut pony. This sweet pony is cute beyond compare and gorgeous in a bright chestnut with a glowing mane and tail. His loving expression and calm demeanor make him the perfect pony for just about anyone and is created on the popular Bouncer mold.

Sato is a flashy palomino sabino Thoroughbred with tons of white pinto markings. Yes, you read that right, a pinto palomino Thoroughbred! Colorful Thoroughbreds aren’t what you might think of when thinking of this popular breed, but there are many colors to the Thoroughbred rainbow and Sato is a shining example of that! You can even meet Sato yourself at Breyerfest 2011 and get a look at one of the many shades of the Thoroughbred rainbow in person!

Prince Jester is a gorgeous sunbleached black Missouri Fox Trotter who has won dozens of competitions including three world championships! Going beyond his own winnings, Prince Jester has sired 15 world champions in their own right. He has found his way to being a wonderful ambassador to the Missouri Fox Trotter breed with his loving and caring disposition.

A stunning black and white Pintabian, TS Black Tie Affair is a striking in appearance but is also quite the character. When he was born his owners found him to be a handful but they used that to teach him many things including how to “dance” and perform the Spanish walk! He’s also found his way into the show ring winning a total of 22 Pinto World Championships and Reserve Championships! No small task!

Rounding out the new traditionals for 2011, Bear is the second in the Elvis Presley collection and is a black Tennessee Walking Horse. Bear was a favorite mount of Elvis’ and would ride with him on his Circle G ranch. The pair became a frequent site and Bear was a true favorite amongst many on Elvis’ ranch.

With all the exciting new releases that Breyer has brought us this summer, choosing can be hard, but whatever your tastes, there’s a new horse for you!  Even more exciting is that you can meet many of these horses at Breyerfest 2011! If you can’t make it to Kentucky, we’ll bring you all the guest horses, events and more! Stay tuned to Stable News!


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Breyer Horses 2011 Collectors Choice Time!

March 25, 2010

You may recall that a few short months ago Golden Oak Stables told you about the  call for ideas for the 2011 collectors choice? Well Breyer has picked their three favorites and its time for you to vote!

Vote Now for 2011 Collector’s Choice Model!

It’s time to cast ballots to help Breyer choose the Spring 2011 Collector’s Choice model! Voters can select one of the three models listed below.

Voters may cast one ballot only between today, Friday, March 19 and Monday, April 5.

The three finalists are:

1. A Pinto Sport Horse on Big Ben mold #483 as a glossy charcoal pinto with a white mane and tail and three high stockings. We added a beautiful classic bald face to complete this gorgeous model. Suggested by Kellie DeFosset of Bethalto, IL.

2. Jessica Mosley of Tok, AK, suggested “Apple Jack,” who she describes as a “cuddly pony” on the Bouncer mold #707. His coat color is a soft and shaded red sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail streaked with pearly metallics to enhance his great hair details.

3. “Black Ice” was submitted by Meghan Gill of Woodinville, WA. This is a Rocky Mountain Horse done on the Ethereal mold #582 with a glossy dappled dark chocolate coat and a white mane and tail. He has a star and snip on his handsome face. As Meghan told us, in this color, the diluting gene has lightened the mane and tail to a white while leaving the body a very dark chocolate, nearly black color. This is a very unusual color, even on Rocky Mountain Horses, and it is rarely seen on any other breed.

For more info and to vote visit Breyer’s Website, here!


The spring’s 2010 collector’s choice model is not to be forgotten though! Manco Capac is a beautiful red roan Paso stallion that is firey and exotic! You can read more about him here and, as always, you can learn all about all of the latest news right here, so stay tuned!


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Breyer Calls For Ideas! Collectors Choice Breyer Horses

November 30, 2009

It’s many collector’s dream to be able to design their very own Breyer horse, and once a year Breyer allows collectors to do just that, and you have until December 7th to get your idea in!

In 2004 Breyer began the Collector’s Choice program asking collectors to send in their ideas for their dream model. Collectors got a big surprise in January of 2005 when the first Collector’s Choice model was released. Breyer has recently began voting between their final three ideas, asking collectors to choose the final two which would make their way into the product line; one for spring and one for fall.

The collectors choice models are often popular with collectors and tend to be interesting and popular molds in attractive colors. They are also limited and can be very collectible. Golden Oak Stables is your headquarters to find the Collector’s Choice models, including the Spring 2009 and Fall 2009 models.

Take some time to enter and let Breyer know what you would like to see! Details are below, but be quick about it, you only have until December 7th, 2009!


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Call For 2011 Collector’s Choice Models!

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about the “perfect” model horse-something you wish Breyer® would add to its Traditional™ Series line?

If so, the Collector’s Choice™ Series contest is your opportunity to make your dream model a reality!

Out of appreciation for the continued loyalty we receive from you – our valued collectors, Breyer wants to say “thank you” by giving everyone a voice in the development of our Traditional™ Series line!

We need to hear from you with your suggestions for our 2011 Collector’s Choice Spring and Fall Limited Edition models.

Please e-mail one model concept per household to:

E-mail suggestions will be accepted until December 7, 2009.

We will select the top model ideas for Spring and Fall 2011, and will put these images on our website for voting -so stay tuned!

This is your opportunity to help us develop Collector’s Choice favorites for 2011!

Here are the rules for submitting ideas.

1. There is no limit on what mold or coloration you can suggest.

2. The model will be produced on a regular, existing Traditional® mold only; no concepts on any other size or medium will be accepted.

3. There will be no accessories or dolls with the model.

4. All information needed to create your idea should be in your e-mail. We will not go to any links included in the e-mail.

5. Please DO NOT send any attachments with your e-mail.

6. One idea/concept per household only.

7. Please include your name, address, age, and telephone number in your e-mail.

8. Ideas/concepts will be accepted by e-mail only.

9. By sending in an e-mail, you forfeit any current or future right to your idea or concept. All ideas/concepts become property of Reeves International/Breyer Animal Creations and we reserve the right to use at our discretion.

The winner will receive a complimentary model.

Many thanks for submitting your ideas to us!

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