Breyer Horse New Releases: Deer Family

March 12, 2015

Breyer brought back a big surprise for 2015 that have collectors excited to see some of their favorite models back after many years. Golden Oak Stables  has opened its stable doors to a new kind of livestock and wildlife that hasn’t been seen by collectors in years!

Breyer has long been known for it’s model horses, but they also have a long history of making animals and wildlife models that are favorites among collectors and animal lovers alike. Some of the first Breyer models were animals, and date all the way back to the beginning of the company in the early 1950’s. The Boxer, Elephant, and Collie models were all released very early on in Breyer’s history, and since then many more animal models have been produced. Collectors of all kinds have fallen in love with the wildlife and animal models over the years and many collections have at least one animal model in it, if not more!

The Deer Family is a long time favorite for collectors since being released first in 1974. This set of three deer stand calmly and silently, all looking off to the distance. They have been painted in a light tan color with delicate shading throughout. The fawn even has the delicate white dotting of a baby deer coat still on her.

It’s easy to see why they would be collector favorites,  not only are they beautiful, but the deer family makes a great prop for traditional scale setups and dioramas. What trail rider hasn’t come across a deer in the woods?

Do you have any animal models in your collection? If not, the Deer Family is a perfect place to start!


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Breyer Horse New Accessories: New Accessories For Your Farm

February 2, 2015

Breyer has blown collectors out of the water with new additions to the lineup for 2015. Ranging from new horses and activities to the Livestock animals coming back into the Breyer lineup, Breyer has brought a new exciting group to collectors that they have been begging for! Golden Oak Stables brings you the entire line, including some new accessories for your farm yard that will bring the perfect touch of realism and play.

The new livestock models have collectors jumping for joy in so many ways. So many collectors have been waiting for the return of the stock animals to the Breyer lineup and with their return come a few accessories for your farm to make them complete. It’s no secret that animals require special things to care for them, and farm animals are a little bit different than horses in what they need. Breyer delivers with just what you need to get your farm in shape for their arrival!

The most important part of animal care is always proper feeding and with the Livestock Feeder your animals will be perfectly fed. This top loading design keeps hay off of the ground and constantly moving. It’s wooden construction will keep it looking lovely for years for collectors too!

Keeping your animals corralled is a second but very important necessity of animal ownership as well, the Metal Livestock Fence includes four panels to get you started keeping those animals corralled. You can put more than one set together to create a pen of your own design and then when you’re done it will collapse down flat for easy storage!

Is your farm ready for a little livestock? It’s easy to get started with just a few fun accessories!

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Breyer Horse Animals: Cow And Calf Gift Set

January 29, 2015

Ready for something a little different in your herd? Golden Oak Stables brings you a couple of new animals that are sure to shake things up at your barn and have your horses looking twice at the new additions you’ve brought home.

Breyer introduced animal models very early on in the 1950’s as companions to their horses. Dogs, cats, cows, even wild animals like bears and deer have been created over the years and have become collectors favorites by so many. Collectors have embraced this subsection of collection with excitement and enthusiasm and after years of asking, Breyer has brought some of the animal molds from retirement and into collectors hands!

The Cow and Calf Gift Set is a set of a two Holstein cows that so many of us will recognize. This familiar dairy cow is so memorable and so easy for us to recognize with it’s patchwork black and white pattern. The cow’s calm expression is sweet and knowing and her calf turns curiously to one side. They have both been painted with delicate grey shadings around the hooves and soft pinking in the ears and nose area that gives their stark black and white coat coloring a beautiful touch.This new and detailed paint job is the most detailed that these calves have seen and that collectors have had a chance to add to their collection.

Open up that paddock and get ready to add a little livestock to your barn, this Cow and Calf is just waiting to graze in your pastures and start, or add to, your Breyer Animal collection!

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Breyer Horse Collecting: Other Breyer Animals

September 16, 2011

Its natural for horse lovers to be animal lovers too,  and in barns you’ll often see dogs and cats living and spending time with their equine friends. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have a few  furry friends that will fill that place in your barn of stable dog or barn cat that are cute as can be and come with their very own equine friends!

Breyer brings a sweet new set  that features an energetic young Pet Sitter to collectors! A black and white foal is a handful for this young pet sitter but a brown and white Beagle and a grey tabby cat keep her busy too! Not be caught off guard, she brings carrots, a brush, water bowl and a toy to keep these animals occupied. She would rather watch over this little herd than a child, and who could blame her when they are this cute?

Finding a way to care for any and all, Breyer’s Animal Rescue Set brings a vet directly to those who need it! A light bay foal dressed in a blue blanket gets a bill of clean health from our friendly vet after finding himself being a little too rowdy. The vet brings her medical gear and also has a Welsh Corgi and a white cat that need attention today to make sure they are healthy and ready to head to their stables.

Supporting an important charity as Breyer often does, the ASPCA Animal Rescue Gift Set brings horse and animal together in perfect form! A chestnut stock horse is striking in his firey burnt umber color with a flaxen mane and tail. His stable friends are a tan and white Labrador mix who’s ready for a day of herding and a Siamese cat is ready to curl up on a stack of hay.

Celebrating the love of not only the horse but of animals too, Breyer brings adorable dogs and cats along with their horses to animal lovers all over! Everyone needs at least one barn dog and cat, which one will live in your stable?


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