Breyer Horse New Releases: BHR Bryant’s Jake

Gentle Giant can describe any of the many draft breeds that have come to be known for their gentle disposition and their large size. These beloved beauties come in all colors and vary as much as you can imagine. Breyer brings a colorful gentle giant into Golden Oak Stables for fall 2016!

BHR Bryant’s Jake is a stunning American Spotted Draft that ushers in his arrival with an entrance as large as he is! This breed is a relatively new one, but a beloved one none the less. The American Spotted Draft Horse has been a recognized breed in the United States since 1990, and in that short time has garnered millions of fans the world over. These draft horses are used for everything from farm work to pleasure and come in just about any color you can imagine! Their bold, spotted coats give them their namesake and are unique as each horse is!

BHR Bryant’s Jake is a chestnut sorrel with a stunning white pattern that is intricate and beautiful. This beautiful pattern translate beautifully to his model, where it has been intricately recreated as only Breyer can do! His bold white patches are a stark contrast to his deep and coppery chestnut coat, making him all the more beautiful with each glance.

How many gentle giants are in your stable? Make room for one unlike no other with BHR Bryant’s Jake!


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