Breyer Horse Holidays: Beautiful Breeds Ornament 2016

Each year, Breyer chooses a breed to showcase int he holiday collection’s Beautiful Breed Ornament series. These fantastic ornaments are sculpted by beloved equine artists and bring a beauty unlike no other to the holiday season. Collectors adore these ornaments for their intricate designs and their attention to the details that make the breed special!

Golden Oak Stables welcomes the 2016 Beautiful Breeds Ornament and it’s stunning breed the Gypsy Vanner. Heralding from the British Isles, the Gypsy Vanner is a carriage breed that comes in a beautiful package. With the shape and feathering of a draft horse, they are a bit fanciful in their conformation. Their long manes and tales add to their fanciful look and have made them a popular breed all over the world.The breed comes in many unique colors, but most will recognize the black and white pinto that so many come in.

The 2016 Beautiful Breeds Ornament is showcased in that signature black and white pinto and has been expertly sculpted by collector favorite, Sommer Prosser! His luxurious mane and tail are ever present and a red bow gives him a touch of holiday spirit. He stands proud and alert, with his head held high and his eyes focused, all beautiful traits of this breed.

So what are you waiting for? Have you begun to deck the halls yet? Now is a wonderful time to start!


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