Breyer Horse Holiday: Bejeweled Holiday Ornament

Collecting Breyers is fun for any number of reasons, the realism, the authenticity, the beauty, but of course, collecting incredible horses one of the most beloved reasons. The holiday collection is always a favorite for all of these reasons and more. Collectors clamor for a chance at these limited edition items each year, and each year they get more and more exciting!

One of the most beloved part of the holiday collection are the ornaments that come along with it. This year, the Bejeweled Holiday Ornament brings a beautiful sparkle to the collection! The equine featured in this stunning ornament has a touch of wild to it. The galloping horse is delicate and beautiful as it is shown at full speed. It’s coat is a snowy blue roan that has it’s own soft shadings and delicacy, matching the horse’s beautiful form. A dark mane and tail give him a perfect look, helping him stand out from the snowy landscape he’s surely galloping through.

He sits at the bottom of a beautifully beaded ribbon that accents his own colors with blue, greens and whites. It finishes off with a silken ribbon bow at the top and is just waiting to shimmer and shine on your tree!

What holiday surprises are in store for you this year? With Golden Oak Stables you can bring a few equine surprises into the holiday season!

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