Breyer Horse Holidays: Best Friends Ornament

October 20, 2016

Breyer collecting has many different facets. From learning about the real life horses that inspire Breyer models to collecting the horses of your dreams, the collecting world of Breyer is wide and varied. But one of the most incredible things that comes with collecting is the friends you make along the way. This holiday, Golden Oak Stables brings a special way to celebrate that friendship.

The Best Friends Ornament is a beautiful collection to the already stunning 2016 Breyer Holiday Collection. This stunning ornament is the perfect gift to give to your very best horse friend and even more lovely to receive!

Featuring two white horses, this amazingly sculpted ornament brings a bit of fantasy with their delicately blue shaded manes and tails. Each horse wears a gilded gold halter and an evergreen wreath around their necks. Between them a heart connects the pair together with a gold chain that matches their gold hooves. They carry a banner declaring friendship that stretches the length of the ornament and perfectly completes this perfect pair.

No matter near or far,  old or new, friendship should be celebrated, and what better way than with a beautiful ornament for your very best Breyer friend?



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