Breyer Horse Collecting: The Scale Of It All

Almost anyone can recognize a Breyer. Its superior detail, careful painting, realistic details, all of these things make a Breyer, a Breyer. Have you ever taken a moment to think about the scale of a model? What makes it larger or smaller than other Breyer horses?

The Breyer Traditional line is probably the most recognizable of the Breyer scales. These large horses are generally about 8 inches tall and the largest of the Breyer scales. These are the models that first came into collectors hands in the 1950’s and have created the bulk of the Breyer lineup. No wonder they are called Traditional! Many of the horses you will recognize will make up the Traditional scale.

Classics are one size step down from Traditionals, and stand about six inches tall. These models came about in the 1970’s and have a loyal group of collectors. Their 1/12 scale makes them easy to display and collect. There is a big variety in the Classics size, with many different breeds being depicted!

Stablemates is probably the scale with one of the biggest fan bases. Standing about 3 inches tall these tiny beauties pack a ton of detail into a tiny package, and needless to say, have found a huge fandom because of that! Their small size also makes them fun and easy to collect, especially for those with space at a premium!

Golden Oak Stables has all this and more waiting for you! No matter what your collection, there is a Breyer that is the perfect scale for you!


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