Breyer Horse Plush: The Softer Side of Horses

October 13, 2016

You probably think of the classic Breyer horse when you hear the name Breyer. Expertly sculpted and molded in plastic, then hand painted to perfection. There’s everything to love about them! But, did you know Breyer had a softer side too? One that is soft, cuddly, and oh so fun!

Breyer’s Plush line is filled with the same beautiful horses you know so well, but in a soft and cuddly form that is fun for all ages. Six different horses currently fill the plush stable, and are all different and unique on their own! You can pick the horse that best fits your collecting passions, or pick more than one to make up a diverse and beautiful stable!

Butterscotch is a buckskin paint that is stunning with his white pinto patches and his black mane and tail. Marshmallow is a grey beauty that has a light dusty white body and grey mane and tail. Penny is a bay paint that is deep and chocolately in color, and contrasts stunningly with her bold white patches. Pepper is a deeper grey than his friend Marshmallow and has a grey mane and tail to match. Rocky is a deep liver chestnut, much like his namesake, the Rocky Mountain Horse. And last, but not least S’more is a chestnut blanket Appaloosa that is spotty and sweet all in one.

So, who will you choose? Where will you start? Golden Oak Stables wants to know!


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