Breyer Horse Collecting: The Care And Keeping Of Breyer Horses

You might not think much about it, but Breyer horses require care just like their real life counterparts. Breyer horses might be a lot easier to care for than a real horse, but they still require care to keep them in tip top shape and beautiful for years to come.

Breyer horses are durable, that’s no secret. Many of them put up with years of play with very little damage, but taking care of them can help you have a lifetime of memories with each and every model in your collection. There’s nothing wrong with playing with your models, in fact, it’s some of the most fun you can have with them! Taking care to tack up carefully can help prevent scratches and rubs. Tiny buckles and bits can cause scratches if you aren’t careful, so always tack up with caution, just like a real horse!

Cleaning and displaying your models is also a major part of keeping good care of your Breyers. Displaying your models, take care to not place them on a surface that is unstable. The last thing you want is for your horses to come tumbling down. Taking the time to make sure they aren’t touching, and have a little room between one another will also help damage while living on display.

Gentle cleaning is also a good idea. Most horses can live with a dusting every now and then. If they do get dirty, warm water and a mild soap will clean them right up. Just clean slowly and gently and your horse will be beautiful again!

Golden Oak Stables is full of fun horses to fill your collection with. And with a little care and keeping, your next model can live a lifetime in your collection!


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