Breyer Horse Accessories: Your Tack Room

October 3, 2016

One fun activity may collectors find enjoyment in is tacking up their Breyers like a real horse. As with all things Breyer, there are so many different ways to bring the fun of real horses to your collection. Tack is just one of many, but one that can bring a lot of realism and fun to your collection.

You might think of saddles and bridles when you think of tack, but there is a lot more in Golden Oak Stables‘ tack room than just the basics. Of course, there are lots of saddles and bridles to choose from, enough to take you into any type of riding you might wish for. There’s also tons of things that you might not think would be available for your Breyer horses.

Halters and Blankets are the first logical thing you might think of when it comes to tack, and why not? These are important pieces of any horse owner’s tack room! These staples of horse ownership take on a fun twist in the Breyer stable with fun colors and patterns to make simple daily chores much more exciting!

Once you are suited up, you can start adding things like jumps,¬†equipment,¬†fencing, and more to your tack room and your barn! You can start training in so many ways and take your Breyers into the winner’s circle!


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