Breyer Horse Collecting: What Are You Collecting Right Now?

There’s an infinite number of ways that a Breyer collection can be built. From beginning as playthings to gifts from loved ones and everything in between. Model Horse collections are as unique as their owners, but have you taken a moment to see just what direction you are taking your collection in?

Careful collecting, or curation, is always important when it comes to collecting. It’s good to take a moment every now and then to look over your collection, what you have in it, and what you are hoping to add to it. This will help your collection grow in a way that is best for you! Curation is one of the most important parts of collecting anything, and can lead to happiness and pride in your collection.

So, the question comes, what are you collecting right now? There’s a myriad of ways that this question can be answered, but start looking at patterns in your purchases and collection. You’ll probably notice that you purchase a certain type or size of model. Or maybe you love one kind of breed, or a certain color of horse? Even if you can’t find a pattern, chances are you’ll find horses at Golden Oak Stables that are similar to your collection, and your tastes.

Looking at how future purchases add into your collection is the first step in smart collecting, and being happy with your collection. When you add horses to your collection that you will love, your collection will have staying power and will bring you happiness! By choosing your next model with your collection in mind, you can add a lifelong member of your herd to your stable each time!


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