Breyer Horse Accessories: Outfitting Your Models For Winter

September 26, 2016

Cooler air is blowing in and soon the leaves will be changing. As real horse owners gear up for winter, model horse collectors can gear up too!

One of the fun parts of Breyer collecting is the ability to live the life of real horses through you models. It’s easy to see why this would be fun, competitions, dream stables and not to mention the dream horses that can come to live in your stable. Horse ownership is multifaceted, and one of the parts of ownership is keeping a horse warm in winter!

Lucky for collectors, Golden Oak Stables has a full stock of every type of blanket that collectors could ask for in the their Tack Room! Blankets are great for play and display, especially in winter time when those chilly temperatures remind us all to snuggle up and keep warm.  Collectors also love blankets for keeping dust off of the backs of their models, just like real horse owners use them to keep horses clean. They can also be fun to collect, and come in all kinds of different styles and colors that can be chosen for your unique horses!

The fun of real horse ownership and collecting intersect all the time, but even the most basic of tasks can be fun with a little creativity, imagination and the right equipment!


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